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Now You Can Control Your Own Destiny and Trade Whatever Stock Options You Want with the Intention of Netting Out a Weekly Paycheck from the Stock Options Market!

Options Weekly Paychecks Releases The Trading System Secrets of OWP System A, OWP System B and now the thrilling OWP System C to YOU So You Can Now Go About Trading to Squeezing a Potential Net Weekly Paycheck from the Stock Options Market!”

swing trade options


  • How to start winning and stop losing so you’re making, keeping and growing money
  • How you can make up to 800% in one week
  • Discover how to pick the right options
  • What’s the best options strategy? We’ll explain.
  • Discover the secrets to success of some of our Options Weekly Paychecks students and how you could potentially have a lot more success than even than had
  • Obtain a very viable way to trade the markets for a potential full time living.
  • Yes you can trade from home.  There is very little required time to trade any of these Weekly Paychecks systems so you’ll have plenty of time to do many other things.
  • These are home study courses that teaches you the systems and how to trade them well.  It’s not software
  • All you need are real time stock charts and an options broker.
  • You can get started for as little as $500
  • These are time tested and student tested systems.  Many of our students really like these systems.
  • Dependable price action:  hey 100 + years of habitual price action of the markets certainly makes these systems strong for potential decades to come.
  • Our system teaches you how to simplify yourself in trading.  Once you do that combined with a good options trading system – look out!  Your whole world is going to become a lot more enjoyable.


Some unsolicited customer feedback: (I told you that our stuff is the real deal !)

Mike Tells Us How Marched His Account from $30,000 to $500,000 and Gives Us the Exact Day He Plans to Hit $1,000,000 Which is Within 7 Months…

May, 2010

“I just made back the entire cost of the system in my first two positions that were half orders :) I bought puts on IBM and BBY yesterday late morning and cashed out this morning for a quick double on both of them. Thing is, had I gone normal size ($3,000 per order), I would have made $6,000, but I am learning so I went small. Very nice way to start, I really like the system! Thanks again!

Michael”... 5 Days Later…

“…All anyone wants is a good simple system for making money (by the way, I made $13,000 this morning and cashed out :)

If you give us the meat of the system, short and sweet with enough explanations…Aug 18 Update regarding a clever tweak done using this system:… .I should have turned $30,000 [started in may of same year] into $1,000,000 by December 13th just using that system, so I will definitely keep you updated…



LH Makes $240,000 in One Week…

Aug, 2010:

“I just wanted to let you know that System B caught that Potash move this morning! I am rich!!!!!
Thank you so much for giving me this freedom! I don’t know how to
express my gratitude! I hope someday I can repay your kindness for
sharing this system! ”

I ended up buying 100 contracts at 1.22 and got out at 25.30 and
slightly broke some money management rules but not that bad. 100
contracts is alot for me but I just got so tired of being a wuss and
being scared all the time and I figured I just have to do it. I’m
definitely feeling the “crack high” but I’m completely out of the
position. I’ve been doubting the system, and maybe my ability to
trade the system for awhile, thinking that it was too good to be
true. I now (finally!) have to accept that this system works. I was
worried it was all a scam in the beginning! I have listened to all
of Chris’s audios so I remember him saying to own some stuff and pay off debts.
I just have to pay off my car and I will put the rest in
the bank. You can use whatever testimonial you would like. You
guys are amazing and I’m so thankful for this good fortune.”

Results will vary from student to student depending on the correct use of the system and the actual use of the system. Many never use the system. Some never consistently apply the system. Stock and options choice will vary in the results they product.  We can not promise you any future success since we are dealing with price markets.  Our, your best bet for success is in taking a chance on a system that has performed well consistently over time in the hopes, possibility and probability that that systems performance, in combination with your performance of that system will due well at the present and into the future….


Look How Options Weekly Paychecks System B Version 2.0 DESTROYS WYNN in Just 6 Months.   Maybe it’s time you completely dump whatever you’re doing and investigate this “Options Trading for a Good Living System” because if you lose this you’re going to be piss’d later on…

Look How Options Weekly Paychecks System B Version 2.0 DESTROYS WYNN in Just 6 Months. Maybe it’s time you completely dump whatever you’re doing and investigate this “Options Trading for a Good Living System” because if you lose this you’re going to be piss’d later on…

Look at these OWP B 2.0 System results on just WYNN. This stock isn’t anything that special but it’s not too shabby either. What are these results? These are the exact system results you would have gotten if you would have traded all the OWP B 2.0 system trades according to the system rules. Simple as that and simply following the system is what it takes.

WYNN 1st Set 2nd Set.
MAY 11 2011 2.5
3.78 -3.67 5.36
3.5 3.5
-3.08 -3.08 3.35 3.35
12.06 4.32
1.06 2.38
4.07 4.38
16.08 8.32 23 TRADES
8.78 6.18
-1.78 2.36 2.58 1 LOSS
-3.17 -3.17 1.08 -5.82
11.21 8.47 82.61% winning a
8.23 5.03 95.65% winning b
-5.48 7.11 5.21
13.11 -7.59 9.33
-6.88 4.07 0.77
7.08 -6.78
4.78 2.08
-3.08 -2.73
8.32 16.08
9.07 22.13
-7.88 9.07
-3.08 -3.08 10.07 5.08
10/27/2011 7.4 4.88
86.6 0.54 14.5 101.64 96.25 9.33 105.58
WYNN in 6 Months
207.22 Total Stock Points
Options Points 124.33 10 Contracts $124,332.00              
        20 Contracts $248,664.00              
        50 Contracts $621,660.00              
      8.63 Points Per Week              
      414.44 Annualized Points



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