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You Can Make Your Own Custom Links to Direct to Any Page You Want with Your Affiliate Coding in Amember Shopping Cart Software (Which Has Been a Great, Stable, Accurate Affiliate Link Tracker for Us for a Long Time…)

How to create your own an affiliate link to any specific product sales page or blog post presell pages:  “Affiliate can use any url of your site as affiliate link. They just need to append GET parameter ?ref=username to it eg. /amember2/signup?ref=username where username is actual username of affiliate.”

  • Contact us at any time for help.  Don’t be shy.  Doing so could cost you a fortune in potential affiliate commissions.
  • These are high ticket sales.  We don’t allow refunds and we fight any chargebacks.  We make good stuff.  We help any customer learn their purchase.  And if all else fails, we can simply replace their trading system or strategy.  So this is not like Clickbank where you have to worry if your efforts were in vain due to their liberal refunds policy.
  • Let us know what you need.  Send us any conversion tips so we can help YOU convert more sales, more profits.  We have many many products and make new ones all the time.  So therefore we need to hear from you on specific affiliate promotion tools you need.
  • Best actions for a beginner to make sales?  
    • Make blog posts..  Make reviews. You can use AI BUT make sure you tweak and change around the text because if search engines recognize your AI canned template way of talking, they will block your page.  
    • Start your own trading newsletter:  This is a great way.  What you do is that you 
    • Make video reviews, overview, previews, direct promotion, be creative, even maybe be even a little wild. Piggy back on top of hot keywords, hot stories. 
    • Paid marketing:  contact us and let us know what you need to convert better and better on paid marketing.  Just one converting campaign can make you a fortune. 

Sign up here to get your links

Our full affiliate agreement is on that signup page.  You can contact us any time through the support ticket area in the members back office.  And you will be able to promote and get (big) commissions (40% straight up and 10% on affiliates you sign up as a second tier) and all of the hundreds of products on our “Systemsforlife.net” Shopping cart (we use that domain as the central shopping cart domain.  And we use amember software which has proven rock solid for us and rock solid for affiliate tracking over the past 10 years.

Ramp up your sales past $40k/mo in commissions and you get get paid weekly.

Contact us and tell us what you need!  (support ticket in affiliate members area or by responding to emails we send you.)  You should be able to get up to $1k a day with a little elbow grease doing blog post reviews, video reviews and through building your email list. 

Affiliate Signup Form – Primary Platform

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