Are options risky?

Are “Options Risky? See This Interesting Answer

Are options risky? Everything is risky. Crossing the street is risky. Getting in your car and driving to the grocery store is risky. Walking across your kitchen floor is risky. Everything in life has a risk. Sitting and doing nothing has a lot of its own risk to your physical mental and financial health.  

If one is not paying attention then their risk increases.  If one doesn’t know how to drive a car properly and safely, then their risk increases. If one doesn’t habitually look out for items on the floor or puddles of water on tile surfaces, then their risk in walking across the kitchen floor increases. If one doesn’t learn exact ways of entering and exiting options positions including the use of logical position sizing , then they’re risk increases.  See how this works?  

Everything in life is a gamble.  in order to wni  you need to smart gamble.  You need to gamble smartly on everything you do from getting up and going to the bathroom, making sure you look out, don’t trip, aim properly, sit on the toilet seat properly,  do the process in  a body harmonious way, hope there’s not poisonous spider under your toilet seat etc.   … to getting in your car and driving… to relationships… 

When people ask about options being risky they are asking if they can get away with being lazy, clueless, stupid, do dumb things, indulge in improper emotions etc.    If you know how to trading options smartly, strategically or systematically you could crush it in options now and into the future.  Get educated.  Get one of our options trading systems and master it.   

Being dumb is not okay.  If you’re looking for support groups for you to be lazy, ignorant and do dumb things, go find some enemies; they’  support you in that behavior, to  your demise.

In the mean time:  be smart:  Start mastering one of our Options Weekly Paychecks systems. 


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