Awesome New Trading Systems for 2015

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Awesome New Trading Systems for 2015

I hope you’re getting all of your year end stuff finalized well.  Don’t forget, for many of your, buying a trading system may possibly be a year end tax deduction.  You may want to consider investing in one, especially one of our awesome new systems.  Just sayin’…

We have many new awesome options trading solutions, systems, strategies, courses we’re rolling out that can help many of you out there make 2015 a break out year.

Confession time:  I was wrong about NADEX.  I avoided them for some time since 1. they were terrible at actually explaining what they actually offered and their support stunk before  2. They only had 2 hour binaries.  BUT they’ve been listening of recent and have improved quite a bit.  So I finally got an account a little while back and I was pleasantly surprised!  Actually I was a little stunned.

NADEX is near COMPLETELY different than the average binary broker out there.  Their binaries are a mix of  a straight vanilla, mixed with a credit spread mixed with a binary. And NADEX binaries offer a lot of new opportunity as in mega style opportunity without worries of getting paid fat daily paychecks if you make them!

When my eyes finally opened to NADEX i started seeing MASSIVE opportunity, almost ‘loopholeish’, literally, well at least in terms of how I look at things with my “binary systems brain”.  So I started applying different strategies and systems.  Lo and behold!  I found out that NADEX can be MUCH more profitable with much less risk than a traditional binary broker.

I mean, it’s like this:  you can get 100% payout binary options with a 1:1 risk:reward vs. what 100% risk to 65-75% reward on a traditional binary.  But wait, there’s more !  You can even get 10% risk to 90% reward.  Actually that’s more like a 8 fold, 800% profit on your risk. That said the better probability OTM binary would have a $200 to $300 risk per $1000 full winning, a $800 to $700 profit (minus commissions and spread) per that only $200 to $300 risk.  You don’t believe me do you.  Haha.  Well you’re just going to have to see for yourself.

Anyways I have some SICK binary systems already developed for NADEX adding tweaks to older systems while introducing new concepts as well.

Most importantly with NADEX.  They are American – USA American.  Your account is IRON CLAD and your profit payouts will be of ZERO WORRY.

Anyways.  More to come soon. I’ll be releasing these products one by one.  We also have many other binary and vanilla options systems we are releasing starting this week.

Since we are shifting the focus to a bigger “Online Trading AUTHORITY” concept we’ll have a greater variety of systems across several instruments:

  • New micro swing systems
  • New credit spread systems
  • New nakedoptions systems
  • New FX systems
  • New Stock Systems
  • New ETF Systems
  • New emini futures systems
  • And new binary options systems

The opportunity for you to succeed will be so IMMENSE in 2015 that it’s time to finally have hope in the possibility that YOU could possibly start trading for a living for good.

For starters  more here for the first launch happens here: at Options Weekly Paychecks

Chris K and Team

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