Options Trading Strategy for Beginners

BOLT2 Cranks Out 122 Points off Google in 3 Months!

BOLT2 Options Trading Strategy Cranks Out 122 Points off Google in 3 Months!

Now you have to ask yourself what happens if you run BOLT2 options trading strategy all year!

Well to annualize it you simply multiply by four.  That comes out to about 488 the points about 212 options points approximately. This is on Google stock.

Of course is important to see performance of a strategy for system before you buy or trade it. So here’s a glimpse of the power of BOLT2.

Overall BOLT2 options trading strategy is a clear-cut and straightforward strategy that trace micro swings. What’s a micro swing? It’s a momentum move based on intraday bars, and in this case the 60 minute bars.

How can this option strategy help you succeed?

It gives you an exact plan of trading. Plus it also gives you a unique entry and exit strategy that trades the markets in a practical way. Also this is a strategy built with the intention of standing the test of time so it’s good to know it’s not based off with some gimmick concept that others in the marketplace out there tend to do because others look for the “sure thing” Or “guaranteed profits” or other depraved, scamming mentalities that have infested the trading world media and marketing.

Look at the BOLT2 Strategy run as a system (taking all BOLT2 trades regardless run as a System):

oct end 9.4
nov end 2.6
dec end 23.6
122.2  Total Stock Points~Approximately 53 options points which equates to $53,000 on 10 contracts.


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