BOLT2 Options Strategy Starter Options Weekly Paychecks Strategy Gives You Solid Opportunities for Potentially Plucking Profits Out of the Options Market Using Short-Term or Weekly Options

Up to 82% Winning or More!

Discover how BOLT2 could help you have another cash flow center for your trading. You can also help your lineup optimize opportunities for more aggressive trading. The end result is that you are adding trading power to your ability to extract cash out of the stock options market.

BOLT2 gives you a spark of an opportunity theory special train set up that we have used for years. It is yours now when you purchase the BOLT2 trading strategy course.

Come to think of it, it’s really incredible that you can simply purchase a strategy that you can use over and over for life for such a small fee.

Take advantage of the opportunity while you have it.


  • Get a plan for starting trading right away.
  • Learn fundamental microswing trading.
  • Learn how to trade short-term options smartly.
  • Discover how to line up the best microswing burst moves.
  • Learn how to trade with the trend where the trend is indeed your friend.

Benefits of Using the BOLT2 Precision Micro Swing Trading Strategy

  • Hone in for the “kill” in hitting some big microswing moves with short-term weekly options.
  • Have away-to cash flow short-term options with micro-swing opportunities (1 to 2-day price bursts).
  • Successful trades produce quick profits.
  • Use it as a strategy so you can trade whenever you want on any stock you want, optimizing for the best trades.
  • Have a plan that can help keep you away from bad trading ideas and put you into only good trading ideas.


Performance of the BOLT2 Options Trading Strategy

Here is a 3-month sample performance. BOLT2 is a micro-swing trading strategy, which means we use intraday bars such as the 60-minute bar. Most trades are held overnight.

The performance sample below represents taking all the trade setups without picking and choosing to represent the performance of the strategy. This is a strategy you can use to optimize for the best trades; target the best trades only. You can combine BOLT2 with other strategies to maximize potential profitability.

But as you can see, the BOLT2 options strategy is pretty good on its own.

oct end 9.4
nov end 2.6
dec end 23.6
122.2  Total Stock Points ~Approximately 53 options points which equates to $53,000 on 10 contracts.

Think about the results for a minute. The results above are only for three months! So if you traded and had similar results for the whole year, that could equate to 488 points off the stock annualized. For options points, that could equate roughly to 212 options points, which would equate to $212,000 on 10 contracts or $21,200 on one contract. Not bad for some spare time effort.

We focused on Google since we like trading the strategy with Google, and through three months, the strategy was able to produce approximately 53 option points and 122 stock points. Now only three months! If the strategy continues to perform for the rest of the year, look out!

You’ll see that you have a really good opportunity to pick up an excellent trading strategy that you can use for your options microswitch trading. Don’t forget, you can use short-term weekly options to improve your leverage as well, since these microswings do not last long.

The limited-time launch special offer price is now $997. The price may change back to $1997 or another price at any time. Whatever you see in the shopping cart after clicking the add to cart button is the valid price.