Can I Use Options Weekly Paychecks System W to Raise Money to Help People?

Can I Use Options Weekly Paychecks System W to Raise Money to Help People?  – That’s a Common Type of Question One Has if They Have Negative Programming Associated with Making Money or a Lot of It

This Kind of Question Comes from a Poverty Mindset, from Slave Training by Overlords Who Do Not Want You to Become too Successful, Able or Powerful…

Real Giving that Counts, a “Cheerful Giver” is One Who Does So Out of Inspiration of the Moment, Not By Obligatory Rules, or Concept of Punishment or Loss if You Don’t Give X Amount to This or That Cause or Person.   So in Short:  Don’t Worry About it.  If you Make a Lot of Money then Guess What?  You’re Not Going to Be the One Who Needs the Handouts; You will be the One Able to Help Others and Hopefully You Do So Smartly Because There are A Lot of Lazy Chumps Out There Who Will Gladly Take Your Money and Contributing to That Sort of Person Creates Harm for Them, for You and the Rest of Society…

Well if you can make money consistently you can consistently help people but this is a type of question often people ask in association to some sort of program guilt consciousness that’s associated with making money and being wealthy. A lot of that comes from a twisting of the Bible. And if you can’t make money how are you going to help people?

“Can I use Options Weekly Paychecks System W to raise money to help people and to  consistently make money and I can consistently help people?” Yes, but you’re still going to need to do the work to become a good Trader.

Usually when people ask this question they have some sort of guilt consciousness in making money or making a lot of money. The associate making money as being bad. But it’s not bad and it’s a twisting of concepts from the Bible to control, dominate, enslave and rob you, to keep you weak and puny.

Speaking of the Bible, God loves a cheerful Giver so when you make money you become cheerful and out of that cheerfulness can give by inspiration of thought of giving that comes out of your state of being cheerful. So get rid of that dark lord programming and learn what the Bible is actually talking about by reading the Bible over and over and over. 

Also hopefully you’ll get very strategic about your wealth and diversify your wealth and multiple places which will also boost your confidence in general and a strategically smart. Now I’m not talking about diversifying and all sorts of Investments which could always go to zero.

You certainly don’t want any debt and you want to develop multiple streams of cash flow from other methods, other trading systems, while seeking as many automated cash flow streams as you can.

But if you don’t help yourself first you’re not going to be much help of others.

Overall, I wouldn’t worry about it. Worry is focused on a negative thing.

Go out, become successful and turn that Earthly wealth into Eternal wealth and you’ll be doing great. All the instructions are in the Bible, the New Testament you can read that over and over and obtain Peace of Mind. Stop listening to preachers.  You are supposed to be taught by God doesn’t the bible say that? See the writings of John.

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