Options… Options are low priced ways to play big stocks.  You can trade your favorite stocks with as little as a few hundred bucks while having similar control of what would cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

If you buy calls and buy puts, the most simple (but effective) options strategy you have limited risk and unlimited potential reward.

I want to teach you how to trade options in a special way while reducing risk and increasing our chances to a high level for every trade we place. You see, once you get a method and  you repeat that method over and over again in trading you stand a good chance at netting out a profit.  And it’s more exciting than that.  Once you get a method down pat,  you turn it into a system.  Once you have a system, you don’t have to think or guess or more when you are trading.

One you have a system  that has a good probability of netting out profits in a consistent way – that’s all you need to make a potential fortune.  How?  With options, or any trading instrument for that matter, once you can become consistent in profitability, a second system comes into play which allows you to grow your account value at an INCREASING rate.  This second system is called a “Money Management System” and this system allows you to compound your profits correctly with options so you can hit that magic ‘critical mass’ point where your account value goes ‘parabolic’ while your account starts getting massive.

options system

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