The results of the average buyer of our systems is not known since we do not have access to customers trading accounts.  We can only mention what they tell us.  So we’ll assume the average student loses money because: 1. they don’t even learn the system 2. they don’t practice is if they do  3. they don’t paper trade before they start trading with real money 4. they make mistakes unintentionally 5.  they make mistakes intentionally due to emotions or lack of discipline or ego 6. they pick and choose trades instead of following the system 7. the pick stocks that do not conform well to the system often with a hidden emotional desire to make a system fit every single stock all the time, which is an erroneous way of thinking due to different character of price action between each different stock. 8.  they blow money management rules and trade too big 9.  they never learned the system well and assumed system rules which are not accurate 10. the markets or their stock changed price behavior character whereas price action is no longer fluid enough  11. they don’t take notes and record their mistakes and correct trade actions they take  12. the markets changed, or at least for a time being and performance of the system diminished, for the time being 13 trader is under capitalized 14. trader is bent on finding new ways to lose so they break rules, think negatively and draw trouble to them – among many reasons why a trader could fail with our systems.

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