OWP System 5 Options Trading Signals- missed CAT?

Did you miss our OWP System 5 Options Signals Puts, Downward Swing Trade from Thursday Apr 21?

Did you miss our OWP System 5 Options Signals Puts, Downward Swing Trade from Thursday Apr 21?

Options Weekly Paychecks Options Trading Signals Called “System 5 Options Signals Service” Trades and Awesome Precision Entry Style Strategy for Trading Stocks and Options.  Our exit is that We Just Get Out 5 Days Later
  • 5 days is not a gimmick there is a cycle to it.  
  • It makes trading a lot easier since trying to trail stop profits causes stress and worry for a lot of people.
  • We use ITM options which means that we get paid for our progress quickly, getting to 100% deltas or close to it with little work in the underlying stock.
  • This is a great way to trade that feels good.   You’ll see.  Get started and watch the trades go  by.
  • This version of System 5 Signals is our strategic one where we follow multiple stocks and any new hot stock opportunities as they arise.    Later we’ll launch one stock at a time to run as a system. 

How did we know? We’re just following System 5 which just so happened to put out a juicy strategic trade setup.  Signup and you can get signals like these. 

More importantly, there are rumors of EPIC market price action ahead.  You do not want to miss out.  We’ll be having an extra eye out on playing the downside of the markets with options.   Yes, short term ITM options.   

Going ITM may not sound like the most fun but it is.  It’s way more fun when your stock moves and your options are riding 75 to 95 Deltas right away.  So you get the immediate reward for your stocks work.  Vs. trading ATM or OTM (especially short term) where your stock has to work a ton in order to get those juicy profit rolling.   That said, short term OTM options would have worked on this CAT mega trade below.   

We have more work to do on our sales page but don’t get bogged down with that. You can listen to the video explainer and just get started!

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