HERKULON6: Options Weekly Paychecks Powerful Cash Flow System for Micro Swing Trading High Probabatility Cash Flow Generation

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HERKULON6 is an Options Trading System Designed for the Sake of Generating Robust Levels of Cash Flow at the Microswing Level.

What’s the microswing level? We usually call microswitch trading the type of price action trading that is lower than the day bars but is usually in the range of 30 min. bars to 120 min. bars, although we mostly do 60 min. bars.

Microswing trading is like an ecosystem—a whole new world of cash flow opportunities that you just can’t see or access by trading the day bars.

  • Trades the two-hour bars and on the micro-swing level for powerful continuous cash flow opportunities.
  • This is an options trading system designed to simply trade each trade at any time, with no thinking or guessing needed.
  • Absolutely mind-blowing levels of cash flow system results; see the performance sample below.

What Does the HERKULON6 Options Weekly Paychecks Powerful Cash Flow System Solve?

HERKULON6 and gives you a command-center-style operating system, whereas this is a system that you operate. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing.

You’re taking advantage of the inside of price action, meaning you’re going in the side of the clumsy day bar price swing on the microswing level for more precision. You’re going inside swing trading, where you can have better entries and profit-taking exits.

Your trading is in microswing, so you don’t have to watch every second; it just happens if you’re in a trade or not. Entries are easy to tell. Once you find your HERKULON6 system trading an entry, you just pop on the trade and mind it for profit.

Why Get HERKULON6 Options Weekly Paychecks Cash Flow System? How HERKULON6 could help you:

  • The potential for crushing cash flow, meaning large torrents, rapid rivers, and high-velocity cash flow.
  • A simple plan that you can learn quickly and put to work for potentially trading for a very good living.
  • You could start small and work your way up, or dive in and trade the official position account size according to the money management principles that we have for the system.
  • It’s quite easy to trade. You can trade stocks. You can trade vanilla options. You can even trade NADEX weekly instruments such as spreads, knockouts, and 1010’s and ride the momentum up the chain for large percent returns and considerable cash blood chunks.
  • Have an instant way, a clear way of trading with entry, an initial risk stop level, and an exact profit-taking exit. There’s no guessing here. You just follow the simple rules.
  • The potential for starting to trade for a living right away.
  • The potential for actually producing a weekly paycheck, or a weekly paycheck on average, from the markets.
  • High velocity price action method, which is great for short-term someone in the money options Or very large percent returns and high Delta action.
  • Get an exact plan for trading the markets because you need an exact plan for trading the markets in order to have long-term success that you can compound over time to potential vast levels.

HERKULON6 Systems Performance Examples

The system performance examples are rounded down to consider slippage and premium decay. That said, holding time is usually pretty short, so premium decay, depending on the options you have, can be small.

You can use HERKULON6: Options Weekly Paychecks Powerful Cash Flow System as a system, as stated for:

  • Cash flow
  • Side income
  • Full-time income
  • And/or to really ramp up your account and potentially make absolute ridiculous fortunes by properly compounding your position size over time, as we teach you to do.

Caterpillar Stock for Options Produced 58.5 Points of Profit in 2.5 Months

CAT May 1 2020 to July 18 System Performance Results +58.5 Stock Points in Only 2.5 Months – HUGE for CAT:

+4 + 3 + 1 + 12 + 3 + 6 + 8 +1+1 + 8 + 2 + 3.5 + 2 + 1.5 + 4 -1.5 = +58.5 Stop on July 18th. This is for only 2 1/2 months.

If you annualize that 2.5 months of systems trading prophets, which would mean trading the whole year or 12 consecutive months, then you would be looking at around 280.8 profit points on Caterpillar, which is absolutely ridiculously profitable for CAT!!

What if You Could Make 280 Points of CAT Caterpillar a Year?

  • Depending on what strike options you use, an average 50% delta on your options would mean 140 option profit points or $140,000 on 10 contracts.
  • A 70% average delta, say you were using moderately ITM shorter-term options, would be 196 option points, or $196,000
  • But of course, if you’re aware of proper option compounding, then you would be increasing your position size as your account increased, and that $140,000 or $196,000 would be a lot more!
  • See the performance example below for the progression of trades.

AAPL-Apple Computers Stock: February 2020 to July 18, 2020 Systems Results Performance Sample +213 Points in 5.5 Months HUGE!

+14+4+6+22+3+9+18+7+8+8+23-5-6+19+9+4-5+9+23+8+6+18+2+11-4-6+7-3-6+4+6 = +213 total cash flow points for 5 1/2 months. So if this similar performance keeps up at the same rate, then you’ll have 426 stock profit points in one year on Apple computers.

What Does It Take to Trade This System? What Exactly Do You Need to Do to Trade HERKULON6?

  1. You get some charts. Real-time charts from your broker. Tradingview is a good one.
  2. You don’t need any indicators in the do-dads. All you need is a price chart with a price on it. “Look, ma’, no hands!”. You’ll look like a genius to your family and friends (just don’t tell them your secret!).
  3. We trade two-hour bars, so it’s pretty laid-back. This means you can do other things while you are trading. HERKULON6: Options for Weekly Paychecks Powerful cash flow system. That’s important because a lot of people were busy, and you’re working on a lot of other things.
  4. You just take one trade: time. Use the trail-stop profit-taking mechanism we give you. And then take your profits. That’s it.
  5. If a trade is not working out, you can simply exit right away with our stop-loss parameters.
  6. HERKULON6 is essentially a hybrid of day trading and swing trading, which we call “micro swing trading.”. But it doesn’t require much attention. You can work on other things at the same time. The entry and exits are very clear and easy to spot.
  7. We also provide the initial stop-loss rules and what options to trade.
  8. These trades typically last a few days at most. Remember, we are trading at the microswing level. But the longer the trade lasts, usually that means you’re making more money as the stock keeps going, so we just stay in and keep making more money.
  9. So we trade one trade at a time. It’s pretty laid-back. We are not stacking trades here with me now; we are not putting on multiple option positions at once but just one at a time.

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