How is Options Weekly Paychecks System H Better than Preparation H?

How is Options Weekly Paychecks System H Better than Preparation H?

Introducing the Options Weekly Paychecks System – your ultimate solution for avoiding not only financial hemorrhoids but also the literal ones! 

Yes, you heard it right, we’re here to save your behind, quite literally!

Now, you might be wondering, what on earth do hemorrhoids have to do with options trading? Well, let us enlighten you, my friend. Picture this: You’re sitting on an uncomfortable chair, stressed out about your financial situation or sitting there all day watching the markets tick by tick in your day trading or maybe you’re just a tad bit obsessive compulsive watching your swing trading positions or maybe you’re looking to the markets for emotional entertainment, whatever,, and suddenly, bam! Hemorrhoids strike! Ouch, talk about adding insult to injury.

But fear not, because our Options Weekly Paychecks System H is here to help rescue your behind from both financial and physical pain. How, you ask? Let us break it down for you:

With our system, you’ll learn the art of cave man/woman simple options trading, allowing you to generate another stream of cash flow around the weekly price action cycle concept from the comfort of your own home, the gym, shopping, the beach, wherever. No more worrying about having to watch the markets al week. How?

The trading is only a few minutes a week.  Your exit is PRE SET meaning your stop loss and your profit taking ext. is preset.  So you don’t have to worry about the most stressful part of trading there is, which is to keep watching your position after you enter. 

  1. Stress-free trading: Our system is designed to simplify options trading, making it accessible to even the most financially-challenged individuals. No complex jargon or mind-boggling strategies here. Just simple, straightforward techniques that will have you trading like a pro.
  2. No more sitting in discomfort: By helping you achieve financial success, our system therefore help you invest in a luxurious, ergonomic chair that will keep your tushy happy and healthy. 
  3. But you won’t need such preparation since H can be done standing in for just what, 3 maybe 5 minutes of work per week.

So, there you have it – the Options Weekly Paychecks System H, your one-stop solution for helping avoid both financial and physical hemorrhoids. Don’t let life’s little pains get the best of you. Invest in our system today and say goodbye to discomfort, both in your wallet and your derrière!

Disclaimer: While our system can help you avoid financial hemorrhoids, we cannot guarantee the prevention of literal hemorrhoids. Please consult a competent  healthcare professional for proper health advice.

Options Weekly Paychecks System H Performance Sample:

HD 2020: May 7 to Dec 31 2023:   + 0 + 0 + 2 + 5 +.1  + 21 + 8 + 19 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 10 + 5 -4 + 0 + 2 -10 + 1 + 9 + 3 + 2 + 5 – 1 -5 + 12 -12 + 0 + 1 + 14 + 2 -7 + 4 -3 + 4 + 3  +112.1 for 7 months –  that’s ~$56,050  on 10 contracts with a 50% Delta. that’s $560,500  100 contracts per year salary. Numbers rounded down to incorporate possible slippage. 

2021  + 1 -8 + 0+ 16 + 2.5 + 10 + 17 + 14 + 3 + 12 + 9 + 14 -10 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 7  = +95.5 stop July 1st

  • This is extremely easy to trade. You just put on your contingent order to trigger.
  • And get out at the end of the week.
  • Why work so hard. Just trade H!
  • Caveman/Cavewoman Easy
  • Incredible how it has just worked. 
  • A super solid approach.
  • Almost no thinking needed.  No figuring out what the market is doing.  No stress or strain in wondering if to enter a trade or not.
  • System H is easy to turn into a habit and fun.
  • You’ll be surprised that trading in this way can make a lot of profits and that it’s so simple to do.  In fact, it’s so simple and has been so profitable, it’s almost like a “trading sin” not to do it.
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