Is it possible to trade for a living using options?

Of course it’s possible! But you’re going to need to get very systematic about it. You can I need to learn the system and pay money management system in order to get it done. The more that you got to practice at being systematic in your trading.

In order to succeed in trading you cannot have any element of “winging it”.

WEEKLY paychecks systems A and B provide you an opportunity to have a structured way of trading that puts you in a high probability position for potential success.  Success in trading the markets comes with knitting out the profit overtime producing an average weekly profits.

The mistake most people make is to chase perfection. Look for some almighty way that produces 100% winning. But that’s stupid and foolish and it can’t even exist in the markets. If it did there would be no markets. Successful traders learn finally that it’s in NETTING out profits, taking your revenues minus your costs, while doing many deals over and over.

And if you can figure out a way to have a solid net profit, a way of consistently property from the markets then you can make a fortune overtime. The rest is a game of money management.

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