Sneakily Powerful Index Options Swing Trading System Shows You How to Capture Weekly Trend After Weekly Trend on Cheaper Short-Term Index Options

You’ve Seen All Those Big Moves in Index Options and Secretly Wish You Could Be Continually Capturing All Those Profit Points in Options, Haven’t You? I Love You, and You Should Start Taking a Look!

Were you trading options in 1999? That was an amazing time in the markets. Online trading became popular among retail traders, who ruled the markets! That’s when, for a short period of time, emotional trade actually won! It was insane.

Festivals were scratching their heads, and everyone was getting on Warren Buffett’s case for being smart and wise. The price swing stocks would make was absolutely incredible. The good old days… But wait! Do you follow index options? If you don’t, you should, because it’s 1999 all over again with index options! (minus winning emotional trading, lol. Sorry, you have to actually have a good trading system to win these days!)

We’ve Developed a System to Create a Simple Approach to Capture, Stack Up Trade After Trade on Index Options for Potential Very Lucrative Profits, Compounding Profits Using Short-term Options.

Often simple systems work the best in the markets; systems where you don’t try to win every single dang trade are able to get out potential consistent profits over time. By not employing such systems, we leave potential profits on the table, and a lot of them.

It’s important to learn the difference between making money in trading and trying to win 100% of the time.

We humans tend to get carried away with wanting to win and not lose. I don’t know where we got this strange idea. Maybe it was bad marketing in the past due to marketers, who were not traders, selling information about trading. They brainwashed a lot of people into thinking that they needed to never lose in trading and that losing a trade was bad.

Well, the truth is far from this. The truth is that in order to make a lot of money trading the markets, you need to get good at losing well! Trading profitably is like running a business profitably—there will be costs. And the sooner you acknowledge this, the faster you can actually make money from trading. If you want proof, go study the Turtle Trading System by Richard Dennis.

What Is Index Options Weekly Paychecks?

  • Simple to trade system
  • Take out those big index options point swings on SPX and RUT that happen just about every week.
  • Trade short-term options; trades last only one week.
  • Add a potentially lucrative extra stream of cashflow to your trading.

What’s in this Index Options Weekly Paychecks course?

  • This is a home study course video. It’s not software.
  • This is a real trading system based on long-term principles of price action derived from human emotion, and it has been used for decades upon decades by the marketplace.
  • You’ll get the secret formula that includes the entries and the stop losses in the profit-taking exits. We have contingent orders to send automated entries and exits.
  • It looks late to see you how to trick the system well and the mindset behind it.
  • We’ll discuss money management principles and provide a system of money management.


  • Be able to take advantage of great moves on index options with weekly options for two-week options.
  • To score large price gains in seven weeks as the RUT, SPX, or even NDX have the ability to make large, dramatic moves
  • crystal-clear trading rules: know what you’re doing at all times.


  • Very simple mindset options system
  • Trades a weekly trend on the micro level
  • Is able to use short-term options weekly options and two-week options
  • Usually only one trade a week, but sometimes up to three.

Performance Sample of Index Options Weekly Paychecks System Results

Here is a 4-month sample of performance for the index options. Weekly Paychecks Trading System: Trades Show Exact and Entry Based on the System: So You Get an Accurate Representation of the System

– From Around 2010 and Markets Are Much Faster for Much More Profit Possibilities:

$SPX 2010 $RUT
Apr 21.84
15.04 Jan -11.28 4.33
7.06 22.54
-7.21 -7.21 -7.21 27.98
-6.54 11.08 16.32
12.47 17.65
29.65 10.47
20.08 -4.56 -4.56 10.23
-10.87 -10.87 13.77
18.32 9.7
-5.45 -5.45 9.54 8.42 16.33
7.45 2.35
22.14 13.82
-6.47 -6.47 7.46 -5.62 -5.62 16.38
-5.21 10.54 -6.47 7.83
21.19 9.65
Jan -4.87


-10.24 16.24
128.62 -8.38 9.79


25-Apr -4.88 20.54


4 months 109.62 55.09 26.61


390 Points Annualized 4 Months
573.96 Points Annualized
Running Totals 321.35
Index Points 12 Month (annualized since 4 months sample is above due to micro swing trading) 1285.4
Options Points Potential 12 Month 514.16
Approximate System Profit Based On:
5 Contracts $257,080.00
10 Contracts $514,160.00
20 Contracts $1,028,320.00
50 Contracts $2,570,800.00
100 Contracts $5,141,600.00

Don’t keep missing these types of moves.  Once you learn the system there’s not much thinking involved! Just do the system.  Don’t procrastinate and jump on this now: