NEW Options Weekly Paychecks Now Open with MANY New Products

Hi and happy new year.  Let’s do something special, something great something butt kicking in 2015.
Let’s step up our game.  Let’s get a little attitude.  Let’s get more aggressive in pursuing our goals.
Success can be a scary thing. But as it has been said, the only thing you should be fearing is fear.    So let’s get rid of fear.  Fear causes loss.  Fear causes use to break out system rules.  Fear causes us to not even get a system or use that system.  Fear causes us to go for the ‘safe bet’ which is always a trap.  It’s time for us to go charge up our energy, conviction and go make happen what we want to make happen.
Ok that’s our pep talk for today.
We’ve released some very powerful systems and now strategies!  We usually don’t release strategies but we want to do so more in 2015 because many of you out there simply will be able to trade a strategy vs. a system. Why? Strategy traders want the freedom to pick what they deem to be the best, most optimized trades.
Yeah those strategies are really good.  And actually all new systems and strategies are priced at introductory launch prices.  So if you want a price break then now is the time to try.
The new products are listed on the main page at
If you have any questions let us know!  Also sign up for the newsletter as we will be announcing more and giving more details on the Options Weekly Paychecks line of products.

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