NITRO3 Options Trading Strategy Provides a POWERFUL Trading Strategy for Home Run Style Quick Burst Moves to Leverage with Weekly Options.

Look at NITRO3 Go below!  See performance.  We ran NITRO3 Micro Burst Swing Trading Strategy over just the most recent 30 day periods as of this typing.  Not picking or choosing the best.  We took every single trade setup as if running as a system to represent the depth, scope and accuracy of this system.

So look at the accuracy!   Look at the massive point accumulation for Just 30 Days of Trading!  It’s just 30 Days!  What if You Made This Much Every Month?

These points are in stock points.  You’ll look to trade these with options.  You can use whatever options strategy you want of course like buy calls, buy puts, credit spreads, debit spreads… you could even use for selling covered calls if you want to get creative.   But we like to keep it simple and trade momentum bursts with the simple buy calls / buy puts strategy.

Oct 1 to Nov 1 19.36 1-Nov to Dec 1 11.84  Oct 1 to Nov 1 2.33
6.38 4.32 0.38
-2.89 -1.64 1.84
9.68 6.48 2.13
4.62 7.26 4.63
12.96 4.41 -0.63
11.08 -3.48 1.68
6.32 -1.89 3.14
1-Nov 9.78 12.11 1-Nov 1.32
77.29 Points Just 30 days 8.36 16.82
34 Options Points 5.18 ~7.4 Options Points
1-Dec 8.47
61.42 30 Days 27 Options points

If you’ve traded options before you know making 34 options points in a month is AMAZING and a HUGE win.  Also 7.4 actual options points of profit is MASSIVE as well because the options are much cheaper.

I want you to understand the value of this strategy.  NITRO3 just too valuable for you to leave this page without understanding because I know for many of you out there, this strategy is YOUR TICKET.  It’s very tradable.  It’s exciting to trade and fun.  NITRO3 options strategy makes you feel like you have much more control and much more of an edge. And I know this strategy will “click” for many of you out there who have been searching…


  • Options trading strategy the provides for more aggressive trading opportunities
  • Quite accurate in win %
  • Quite accurate in move potential distance


  • Learn and use a strategy you can use at any time for an opportunity to pull cash out of the weekly options or other short term options markets
  • Capture potential home run returns on a more regular basis
  • Have a regular way for striking wins in options with a highly accurate priced based entry strategy


  • What is this?  This is a trading strategy that trades short term options, such as weekly or 30 day options.  You can use the strategy to time your entries.  Use NITRO3 Options Trading Strategy to pick and choose amongst the best trades.
  • Is this software?  No it’s a home study course you access on line.  Videos will teach you how to trade the strategy in the right way.
  • How much money do i need to get started?  The broker minimum.  This does trade micro swings and although most trades last more than a day,  You will need to hold your positions overnight, which most trades do go over night, to avoid the broker “pattern day trader rule”.


Only $1997


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