Does Options Trading Sound Confusing?

Well it will not be confusing anymore!

Our Options Trading 101 Course cuts right to the chase and shows you exactly what you need to do you start trading options and avoid options trading pitfalls.

Learn Options the Right Way, the Fast Way and the Most Profitable Way – With Options 101!

There is a risk to reward in any form of training. Stocks have their own risk profile and rework profile. Forex has it’s own risk and reward profile. And options trading has his own risk and reward profile. The key is to make the reward more and the risk less. And each instrument has to have its own approach.

We look to smartly use options to reduce our risk. For example when we want to trade for thousands shares of hundred dollar stock we need hundred thousand dollars. But with options we can control 1000 shares of stock with $1000 for example. And that control can bring us a similar reward but we are only putting up $1000 for that reward.

Hence we have leverage. And that leverage is there only if we choose to add to our positions. But also we can have diversification meaning that we can have other trade opportunities where in stocks we may only be able to enter one trade opportunity.

With our Options 101 we’re going to help you get started QUICKLY in options giving you the practical info you need to do the right things in options trading and avoid pitfalls.


  • Be able to know the information you need to get started trading options
  • Know what options to buy, what strikes to buy, and how much time to buy on your options for optimal profit
  • Know the pitfalls ahead of time so you won’t get caught in common traps.
  • Now nearing “Ancient wisdom” with over 30 years in the market to help you think the right way to optimize success and avoid trouble
  • Understand that no one is born a good trader and all great traders became so by learning knowledge and experience.  You’ll learn how to be a shrewd options trader from the start and not be a gullible sucker to the marketplace.


  • Will cover all the core mechanics of options trading
  •  you’ll learn the right way thinking for potential success in training
  • You’ll understand how to use options leverage properly maximum return while avoiding foolish mistakes
  • You’ll find out how to trade as a business
  • You’ll discover how to trade by price and use contingent orders to semi-automate your options entries and exits while entering and exiting at the perfect time
  • Discover tools you can use help you accelerate your options trading abilities
  • Learn how to practice trade to perfect your skills before using real money
  • Learn the process of developing and options trading system or options trading strategy in order to develop more potential consistent and greater returns over time

Our objective is to get you focused to move directly into trading options well, smartly, strategically and systematically.  Why?  So you can quickly get into position for greatest probability for short term and long term success in options trading!  You’ll want to avoid diving in recklessly into options trading.  You don’t want the financial or mental damage. But you do want to do things right, build confidence and your trading accounts!

Here are some of the things we’ll cover:

  • How options work.  What is options trading?
  • Learn how to trade options
  • Discover how to start rocking the options market with your own devious mastermind plan for total options domination!
  • Understand options pricing so you can pick the right options
  • How to Read Options chains
  • Understanding premium decay, time decay and how to correctly trade with it
  • Options buying, buying calls and puts
  • Options selling, selling calls and puts
  • Introduction to spreads
  • How to semi automate your trading with contingent orders so you don’t have to watch the markets all day
  • Discover proper options compounding
  • Find out the difference between options investing and options tradin
  • Options money management position sizing
  • Dynamic dealing with premium decay
  • Volatility traps and how to avoid
  • Ways of trading options via price charts
  • Options Greeks
  • Options combination strategies overview
  • Swing trading options approaches.
  • Trend trading options approaches
  • Day trading options approaches
  • Types of options:  Stock, Index, ETF, Binary ….
  • Options pitfalls to avoid and how to avoid them
  • How to find your “Holy Grail” for options trading the right way and avoid the “goose chase” of chasing “110% Winning”  or any other strange manifestation of the compulsive gamblers syndrome of chasing emotional highs… Learn the mental and emotional psychology it takes to succeed.


Options Trading Courses 101 Online.  Learn how to trade options through our straight to the point Options 101 Course.  Yes it is very possible to trade options for a living.  You just need to learn how and settle down into a simple system that can net out options profits over time.  Simple is the key word.  Humble is another key word.  Options trading system is another key concept.

Options basics

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