Options Weekly Paychecks Products II

BOLT2 Options Strategy Starter Options Weekly Paychecks Strategy Gives You Solid Opportunities for Potentially Plucking Profits Out of the Options Market Using Short Term or Weekly Options.

Up to 82% Winning or More !

Precision Explosive Options Strategy for Turning Small Accounts into Big Ones.

POWDERKEG5 Options Trading Strategy for Power Momentum Moves, Reduced Risk Per Trade for the Sake of Adding an Additional Form of Money Getting from the Short Term Stock Options Market .

This is a must-have short-term options trading strategy for helping you that additional cash flow opportunities for short-term options trading.

PANIK3 Options Trading Strategy High Precision Weekly Trading Strategy and System for HIGH Momentum Moves to Ride with Weekly Options.

80% to 85% Winning as in the Strategy Run as a System Results Below (which means take every trade.)

Panic Profits Right Into Your Trading Account! This Options Strategy is not Called PANIK for Nothing!

NITRO3 Options Trading Strategy Provides a POWERFUL Trading Strategy for Home Run Style Quick Burst Moves to Leverage with Weekly Options.

Look at NITRO3 Go below!  See performance.  We ran NITRO3 Micro Burst Swing Trading Strategy over just the most recent 30 day periods as of this typing.  Not picking or choosing the best.  We took every single trade setup as if running as a system to represent the depth, scope and accuracy of this system.

Does Options Trading Sound Confusing?
Well it will not be confusing anymore!

Our Options Trading 101 Course cuts right to the chase and shows you exactly what you need to do you start trading options and avoid options trading pitfalls.

Learn Options the Right Way, the Fast Way and the Most Profitable Way - With Options 101!

Sneakily Powerful Index Options Swing Trading System Shows You How to Capture Weekly Trend After Weekly Trend on Cheaper Short Term Index Options.

You’ve seen all those big moves in index options and secretly wish you could be continually capturing all those profit points in options haven’t you! Love you happy you should start taking a look!

So, Have You've Heard About the Ability to Make Money Selling Credit Spreads on Weekly Options?

Weekly Options Credit Spread System - GS7 Provides OTM, ATM and ITM Opportunities All in One Trade to Maximize Potential Returns off Weekly Options with the Intent of Minimizing Risk

Naked options are back in style thanks to smart new ways of trading naked options in combination with weekly options.

Did you know that selling naked options can be a tremendous network building strategy?

OZ5 Naked Options System. OZ5 Naked Options Selling System performance sample.  The following system sample is based on the stock "MU" or Micron Technology, an "old school" tech stock.

  • Lower price, lower capital requirement
  • Average ATM weekly option with 5 days left to expiration to sell is .64 at the time of this writing
  • A 2 point gain in our favor will reduce our short premium to $.07 excluding time decay
  • We play momentum micro swing breaks
  • If we get 2 points from the entry trigger we close out the position on this stock for an approximate .57 net on the naked
    We use stop losses set by contingent order or with the option of defining max risk by placing a stop loss on the option itself.

Options Weekly Paychecks Credit Spreads Starter System OZ4 Provides a Low Maintenance Way of Selling Weekly Options Credit Spreads.

The focus here was to develop a system that was more of a “set and forget” credit spread system. Why? Most folks want to simply enter their credit spread and be done, simply letting expiration take car of the close. So we’ve developed a credit spread system that is more like a binary options system.