Introducing the New Options Weekly Paychecks System F – a Highly Efficient Low Time Involved Powerful Micro Swing Trading System for Laid Back Cash Flow Generation…

Use OWP F Options Trading System or Stock Trading System to Get an A+ On Your Trading Account

  • “F” is just the next letter in line of our letter based series of powerful options trading systems.
  • OWP F is a newer breakthrough discovery, almost loop hole like in the markets that we all can just keep doing over and over.   And just for clarity, a loop hole or near loop hole in the markets that works is not something that is “hot for the moment” since those simply disappear quickly.  A more genuine loop hole like opportunity is one that is based on market action and reaction events and time cycles.  They are usually tied into human behavior, schedules and lifestyle.
  • This one is pretty easy and laid back to trade yet can be oh so profitable. 
  • Turn Options Weekly Paychecks System X into a habit for cash flow building and wealth building.   It’s very time efficient and simple to trade. 
  • We are micro swing trading here on the 1 hour 2 hour level. 
  • Price action based. 
  • So little attention is needed, a monkey could trade OWP System F, well maybe.
  • All you need is a couple, few, maybe 3 to 5 glances at your stock a day.
  • Trade cheap, short term moderately ITM options for BIG scores
  • Good average reward to risk ratio.
  • Very good control
  • This is a home study course.  We teach you the secrets of Options Weekly Paychecks System F so you have a method to trade, for life!
  • High probability of continued good performance in the future.  
  • Look for stocks that tend to move well to moderately well with decently priced options, with reasonable bid/ask spreads.  If options are priced well premium wise and deltas are good, you can trade stocks that are slower and still make a great return. 
  • We use buy calls and buy puts, or long calls and long puts only, for limited risk to unlimited reward.  You can also use this system with credit spreads, naked options or even NADEX.  With credit spreads and naked options, avoid unless you understand the risk of getting caught in the middle of a credit spread and assigned, forget about your ITM naked option and get assigned, or have a big gap against  you on a naked position.  We can have big gaps against us with long options but risk is limited to what we put in.  On the other hand, we can have big gaps in our favor and make a fortune in that week too!  (See “L.H.’s story on her $250,000 pay check for the week as her options went from ~ 1 per contract to 25 per contract

System Performance Results Sample

Results based on system entry, stop and exit.  Profit points are based on the stock.  Points rounded for estimated slippage. Options profits would be based on the delta of options you buy.  These trades usually only last a couple of days.  

TSLA – a 5 Month Snapshot.

32+74-13+9-9+23-5+4-5+1-5-5-5-5+59-9-4-4+15+14-3+7-11+2+3-3+61+9+9+5+39+15-8-8+4-7+11-12+13+15 = +303
From May 1 2021 to Oct 1 2021 


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