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OWP System T is Built for Starting to Trade for a Good Living Right Away, So You Can Start Your Own Work from Home Trading Business.  

Use OWP System T for Rapid Cash Flow that You Can Use for Compounded Growth Increasing Your Position Size as Your Account Size Grows for Greater and Greater Levels of Cash Flow…


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  • Work from home.
  • Work where you want.
  • Work in just a few minutes throughout the day, here and there. This is not daytrading; this is micro swing trading. Trades the one-hour bars. You can use contingent orders, and you don’t need to be glued to the monitor as you would with active daytrading.
  • You can trade Options Weekly Paychecks System T on the side while you’re working on something else.
  • This method was designed for the purpose of making an actual paycheck and an actual profit every single week. So we focused on reengineering a method that has the very strong potential to increase the probability of actually making cash flow every single week. This would be a comparison to other systems that would have a weekly average paycheck, meaning that some weeks would make some money. Some eight weeks would make a lot of money, and then some weeks don’t make money or have a slight loss.
  • We can use the money options or slightly use the money options to have high deltas and therefore profit right away. This limits our concerns about premium decay.
  • You can use Options Weekly Paychecks System T for selling naked options if you want, as well as put premium decay on your side, especially with weekly options.
  • You can use Options Weekly Paychecks System T with NADEX spreads, which are essentially high-delta or even 100%-delta options, which provide fantastic market opportunity.
  • This is a home study course that teaches you the exact rules—the clear-cut rules for how to trade the system. Everything is defined very clearly. We tell you
  • exactly how to enter, and exactly how to exit for profit, where to put a stop loss. With options, you can use contingent orders, so you don’t have to sit there watching and waiting, whereas contingent orders will automatically trigger you in or out of your stock based on price.
  • You can use Options Weekly Paychecks System T with options, preferably slightly or someone in the money options. You can use Options Weekly Paychecks System T on stocks, futures, forex, crypto currency, NADEX, etc.
  • Just imagine being able to actually make extra cash flow every week—cash flow that can grow as your account size grows and as your position size grows.
  • Financial freedom and financial independence—just imagine being able to make money from the markets without having to worry about a job or running a business besides your new trading business with Options Weekly Paychecks System T.


Check out these week by week profits on “boring old Home Depot” stock.   The numbers below are week by week, a week per line.  Imagine trading at the  100 contracts for your cash flow accounts:

Let’s see that would be roughly: 

  • week 1: $17,600. 
  • Week 2 $27,720. 
  • Week 3 $11,000. 
  • Week 4 $44,440. 
  • Week 5 $37,840.  
  • Week 6 $18,920.  
  • Week 7 $33,440.  
  • Week 8 $49,720 
  • That’s about $240,680 for 8 weeks of paychecks.   “Ain’t bad” ehh?!
  • – at 100 contracts of options > those could have been your weekly paychecks.   HD was not doing exceptionally well in price action at that time either.  And we chose HD because it’s common and boring.  But what would happen if you played a faster moving stock?!!    Wow, look out marketplace! 

So what if you used stock?  So instead of 100 contracts of options that cost a fraction of stocks price (and we’re even using shorter term options because we are in these trades for 1-2 days on average), we use OWP System T for our stock account and was using 10,000 shares per trade.  Basically you would have

  • Week 1: $40,000 profit
  • Week 2: $65,000 profit
  • Week 3: $120,800 profit
  • Week 4: $25,000 profit
  • Week 5: $101,000 profit
  • Week 6: $86,000 profit
  • Week 7: $76,000 profit
  • Week 8: $113,000 profit
  • Wow that’s a combined $626,800 in 8 weeks of weekly paychecks.  Not bad cash flow income!

And that’s a good initial goal – 10,000 shares trading on OWP System T if you want to trade stocks.  Trading stocks can be good in that you have 100% deltas and no premium decay.

Yet on the other hand you could use 200 contracts of options, or a double 2 options to 1 (100 shares) of stock with shorter term moderately ITM options and when you get a good move you could make near double the profits. Just need to work out the details in terms of the best amount to allocate per trade to maximize profits over the longer term.  

HD – Home Depot 2018  – Listed in Weeks 1 Week Per Row Options Weekly Paychecks System T Performance Sample: 

+2+2 = 4

+.3+5+.2+1 = 6.5

-.5+7.5-1+3.5+3.3+1-2+1 = 12.8

-.5+3 = 2.5

+2-.5+1.7+3+1-1+3.5 = 10.1

+0+7+.5+1.1= 8.6

+.5-.6-1+4+.3-1.7+2.8 = 4.3

+1+.3+6-1+1.3 =7.6

-.7+5+1+4+2 = 11.3


Are these Results Realistic? Can you do them?

Yes, we have a lot of experience over the past 30 years in the markets in systems development, in addition to teaching students how to trade, many of which have gone on to extraordinary levels of success, as you can see from our Hall of Fame board.

We’ve made our systems doable for a living. The entries and exits are very clear-cut. It does not take any sort of extraordinary performance to trade the system. That means it’s pretty easy, and it is pretty laid-back. Plus, there are continuous streams of opportunity.

How Do You Succeed with Options Weekly Paychecks System T?

We teach you how to trade the systems in this course. We teach you all the secret rules. And then from there, you just need a real-time 60-minute bar chart, which you get from your broker. You don’t even need a charting service because you don’t need any fancy indicators. You are trading using our price action method. You can pick your favorite stocks. If you need help picking a good stock, you can contact us.

Since you are playing momentum, you want to be able to get the most out of each move, so you can use very short-term options and go somewhat in the money. What this does is minimize, or even nullify, the premium decay issue. How so?

Because we are trading momentum, as soon as the price moves in your favor, you go deep into the money, your deltas get close to 100, and there is hardly any premium on deeper into the money options.

Most of the value of your options then becomes real value, called intrinsic value, which is the value equated between the distance from the ITM strike and the current price.

So therefore, your options accelerate in value quickly because the deltas are higher and you get paid for your efforts and your stock’s efforts in movement.

And with a good, high-accuracy trading system like OWP System T that puts you in a high probability position for netting out profits each week, then using deeper ITM options can help generate more dependable cash flow, much like trading a cheaper version of the stock while controlling a similar or greater number of shares.

What Are The Actions Involved In Trading Options Weekly Paychecks System T?

You pick your favorite stocks that move well and have decent option prices. You open up your charts. Every hour you have a new bar, and you can just set your entries and exits or profit-taking trail stops if you are already in the trade. So you know when you have to check beforehand, which is every hour, if you have a trade or adjustment to make. So this means you can do other things throughout the day while trading options. Weekly Paychecks System T. It’s quite excellent!

Is the Options Weekly Paychecks System T the Closest thing to a Guaranteed Paycheck in Trading?

Well, technically and legally, we can’t make you promises about future results, as you can see from the official disclaimers below. But Options Weekly Paychecks System T is an extraordinarily solid approach to trading that can put you in a high probability position for making a paycheck every single week, or at the very least, very close to it every single week.

Of course, you want to trade stocks that move around in a decent way. Some stocks don’t move around well, but on the other hand, we are trading on the microswing level, so stocks that don’t swing very well on the day bars still have tons of opportunities on the microswing level.

Micro swing trading is a whole new world of trading opportunities where we can get inside of price swings. That’s why, for weekly paychecks, we usually go on the micro-swing level in order to better enforce a weekly paycheck.

So the weekly paycheck is the goal. That’s what the site is all about. It is the goal, the challenge, that then gives us a direction for system development. So because we have a direction for system development or are able to pull in ideas in order to obtain the goal much better and more specifically,.

And on the other hand, you actually have to trade the system. Some weeks you’ll have positive surprises where maybe your stock is big due to some news announcement in your bullish position and so you score huge profits as the story that one of our students gave us from using Options Weekly Paychecks System B (see sales page) where she so happened to buy a few extra contracts that week at 1.00 and her stock gapped up 25 points during the week so those 1.00 options turned into 25.00 four at 2500% return, which also made her a lot of money because she bought 100 hundred contracts. Sometimes stocks gap against you too, but the good news is that when you’re using options, your risk is limited to whatever you put into the position when you’re buying options. But you have to be in the game to hit those jackpots. You need to be consistent in using the system to be able to capture those windfalls.

Here’s the thing: you’re not going to know for sure until you put Options Weekly Paychecks System T to work. Then you’ll see how Options Weekly Paychecks System T can be that type of solid, dependable approach to trading.

Looking for a True Extra Weekly Paycheck?

What does a true weekly paycheck mean?

It means this system was designed with the intent of making a profit every single week. So you have it, have the goal of making a profit every single week, and then back engineer out what you needed to do to get there.

Well Options Weekly Paychecks System T is such a system that has a particularly brilliant approach for doing just that.

Of course, all the systems on the Options Weekly Paychecks website are geared towards the concept of an Options Weekly Paycheck.

But those systems were more flexible to take in a bigger scope of opportunity for an average weekly paycheck, while Options Weekly Paychecks System T is focused on the highest probability of making a definite paycheck, profit, and cash flow every single week! Were not allowed to guarantee future results and all that, but if you’re looking for a very strong probability approach to trading stocks or options, then you’ll definitely want to learn Options Weekly Paychecks System T!

What If You Can Make Money Every Single Week From Trading?

Think about this: What if you had the power to essentially make money on command every week, whenever you wanted? What if you had this ability? Wouldn’t you be financially independent? Yes, you would. If you could just trade a little bit each day and make solid, consistent, stable cash flow, then the sky is the limit. Because then you can simply increase your position size as your account grows and your cash flow grows.

The thing is, in your job, sure, you may be able to get a raise, but you will never be able to get a raise in comparison to what you can expand into from consistent profiting from trading that drives your account bigger, from which you start compounding that account count by increasing your position size. So the bigger you grow your account, the bigger your weekly paycheck can become when following our money management position-sizing methods.

Now I can’t promise you that you’re going to get a paycheck every week, but you could, and when you master this system, I would guess that you probably would. The system is designed for a consistent weekly paycheck, and that’s the approach to how we designed OWP System T; it’s designed for consistency.

What If You Could Have Your Broker Send You A Paycheck Every Week From Your Trading Efforts?

Now, this is a fun thing to do. Especially when you get started, having your broker send you a check of your profits every week can really boost your confidence and your overall mood.

Plus, of course, you’ll have extra cash on hand. And for the first few weeks, it would be a good idea to reward yourself so you develop deep-seated experience with the process, which improves your psychology about trading and increases your belief levels about trading.

The reward of making the next or weekly paycheck from doing very little effort throughout the week will start to sink in. There is no “working hard” in successful trading; there’s just simply trading a system that is very clear-cut and simple.

The more you get involved with the marketplace, trying to interpret its noise, the more tricks, traps, and troubles you’ll have to overcome, and it’s just not worth it. So usually, the more work you do, the less money you make and the more you lose.

In trading, “the less you do, the more you make,” a popular statement, can be applicable. And with Options Weekly Paychecks systems products, we looked to minimize effort as much as possible while being able to capture more opportunity because we usually go on the micro swing level, which goes inside the standard day bar swings, which allows us better entry and usually more profit.

What If You Can Grow A Trading Account Very Largely So Your Average Position Sizing With Proper Money Management Would Be Very Large To Produce Big Paydays Every Time You Trade?

Imagine Compounding Your Trading Account with the Options Weekly Paychecks System T…

And that’s how compounding works. Do you know what compounding is?

Well, the concept is that as your account grows, your position size can grow. Of course, you can always use whatever position size you want, but if you don’t get the right position size down pat, you can limit your success.

Figuring out the perfect position size is done after some experience in actually trading a system, so you get a picture of your personal performance in trading a system over time.

Now for simplistic math, let’s just say you study and practice the system pretty well, and you know how consistent it is. You also know how consistent you are at trading the system.

So if you had a $10,000 account and you figured that if you used $1000 per trade, doing so would give you maximum profits over time, then therefore your money management position size would be 10%.

Now don’t take that number and start with it; it’s just for an easy math example. And usually, 10% position sizes are considered to be a huge position size for a lot of traders. But it’s all just going to have to depend on your consistency of profit and winning. And you can perfect your position size over time.

I mean, really, if you’re so utterly consistent in netting out of profit, then technically speaking, you could even have bigger position sizes. Ultimately, the math over time will need to be perfected, but to get started, you just need to start with one contract and do demo trading. And you would do so to practice trading the system correctly, getting it down pat. That’s it. It’s pretty simple.

So the notion is, let’s say you took your $10,000 account and $100,000 and you were trading at $1000 per trade at $10,000 account size. At that $100,000 account size, you would trade $10,000 per trade if you wanted to compound your returns. Otherwise, you could just keep on trading at $1000 per trade if you want, although that’s not compounding your account.

And as your account size grows and grows and grows in your position, your position size will also grow, so therefore your account grows at faster rates and your cash flow grows and grows and grows.

Looking to Trade for a Living Right Away? You May Want to Check Out Options Weekly Paycheck System T

Options Weekly Paycheck System T is a great system! It’s a breakthrough. Other systems can provide average weekly paychecks, but we designed this to hone in on producing a weekly paycheck and a cash flow profit each and every week.

We had to push ourselves to find the mechanisms that could allow us to do this over time, and we found the formula!

You too can learn this formula today, just as long as there is an add-to-cart button below. Take advantage of accessing the system while we have it on the market and have not pulled it for our own trading companies. For whatever reason, we decided to stop selling it.

Act fast.

Don’t get distracted. Learn and put Options Weekly Paycheck System T to work for you!

What If You Can Retire Starting In A Couple Months?

Are you asking what it will take to retire in a couple months?

Well, learn the Options Weekly Paycheck System T and put it to work! See for yourself!

If your performance of the system and the performance of the system continue to do well and you start with enough capital, you could consider yourself retired for making consistent profits to the amount you want. Options Weekly Paycheck System T gives you a very good chance, in our opinion!

Will the Options Weekly Paychecks System T Work For Me?

Yes, as discussed throughout this page. Options Weekly Paycheck System T puts you in a high-probability position to profit every single week. You just need to work the system. But it’s not as hard as we described already. What Do I Need to Be Able To Trade Options Weekly Paychecks System T?

What’s the Best Way to Trade Options Weekly Paychecks System for the Sake of Actually starting to make Full-time living from trading.

The best way to put Options Weekly Paycheck System T to work is to simply get the system, learn it, study it historically, and then pretend to trade it by pretending to enter orders in real-time.

Then just start with one set of options.

You can also use stock only to trade with even greater ease with no worry about premium decay or options deltas, plus you have smaller bid-ask spreads with stock, which is nice, and that’s something else to think about.

How Do I Know Options Weekly Paychecks System T Will Really Work For Me?

The proof is in the pudding. Their reassurance will be in the studying and doing. If you’re willing to dive into an options trade and take that risk, and you’re not willing to instead invest in a trading system that can put you in a highly logical, high-probability scenario for profiting on a repeated net profit basis, then maybe trading is not for you.

If you’re focused on fear, you’re going to see those fears in your trading results. If you focus on what you want from the market, you’ll tend to get that, just as long as you stay focused on that and do not get distracted by any sort of “momentary inspired idea” sent to you from the marketplace.

So do not worry, because worry focuses on the negative. Focus on the positives of what you want and stay there. You will be able to see the mind-blowing solidity and consistency of this trading system, and you will gain quick confidence in it as you study and practice it more and more.

10 Contracts Options with Options Weekly Paychecks System T in 2 Months

The Weekly Paycheck with Options 10 Contracts Options Weekly Paychecks System T

Options Weekly Paychecks System T $2,997.00


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