Check Out Our Most Impressive Options Weekly Paychecks System T Designed for the Intent of a Durable, Dependable Weekly Paycheck


Check out these week by week profits on "boring old Home Depot" stock.   The numbers below are week by week, a week per line.  Imagine trading at the  100 contracts for your cash flow accounts:

Let's see that would be roughly: 

  • week 1:  $17,600. 
  • Week 2 $27,720. 
  • Week 3 $11,000. 
  • Week 4 $44,440. 
  • Week 5 $37,840.  
  • Week 6 $18,920.  
  • Week 7 $33,440.  
  • Week 8 $49,720 
  • That's about $240,680 for 8 weeks of paychecks.   "Ain't bad" ehh?!
  • - at 100 contracts of options > those could have been your weekly paychecks.   HD was not doing exceptionally well in price action at that time either.  And we chose HD because it's common and boring.  But what would happen if you played a faster moving stock?!!    Wow, look out marketplace! 

So what if you used stock?  So instead of 100 contracts of options that cost a fraction of stocks price (and we're even using shorter term options because we are in these trades for 1-2 days on average), we use OWP System T for our stock account and was using 10,000 shares per trade.  Basically you would have

  • Week 1:  $40,000 profit
  • Week 2: $65,000 profit
  • Week 3: $120,800 profit
  • Week 4: $25,000 profit
  • Week 5: $101,000 profit
  • Week 6: $86,000 profit
  • Week 7: $76,000 profit
  • Week 8: $113,000 profit
  • Wow that's a combined $626,800 in 8 weeks of weekly paychecks.  Not bad cash flow income!

HD - Home Depot 2018  - Listed in Weeks 1 Week Per Row Options Weekly Paychecks System T Performance Sample: 

+2+2 = 4

+.3+5+.2+1 = 6.5

-.5+7.5-1+3.5+3.3+1-2+1 = 12.8

-.5+3 = 2.5

+2-.5+1.7+3+1-1+3.5 = 10.1

+0+7+.5+1.1= 8.6

+.5-.6-1+4+.3-1.7+2.8 = 4.3

+1+.3+6-1+1.3 =7.6

-.7+5+1+4+2 = 11.3


Looking For A True Extra Weekly Paycheck?

What is it true weekly paycheck mean? It means this system was designed with the intent of making profit every single week. So you have it have the goal of making profit every single week and then back engineer out what you needed to do to get there. Well Options Weekly Paychecks System T is such a system that has a particularly brilliant approach For doing just that.

Of course all the systems on the Options Weekly Paychecks website are geared towards the concept of an Options Weekly Paycheck. But those systems were more flexible to take in a bigger scope of opportunity for an average weekly paycheck while Options Weekly Paychecks System T is focused on the most high probability of making a definite paycheck, profit, cash flow every single week! Were not allowed guarantee future results and all that but if you looking for a very strong probability approach to trading stocks or options then you'll definitely want to learn Options Weekly Paychecks System T!

What If You Can Make Money Every Single Week From Trading?

Think about this: what if you had the power to essentially make money on command every week, whenever you wanted? What if you had this ability? Wouldn't you be financially independent? Yes you would. If you could just trade a little bit each day and make solid, consistent, stable cash flow then the sky is the limit. Because then you can just simply increase your position size as your account grows and your cash flow grows.

The thing is, in your job, sure you may be able to get raise but you never be able to get a raise in comparison to what you can expand into from consistent profiting from trading that drives your account bigger from which you start compounding that account count by increasing your position size.  So the bigger you grow your account, the the bigger your weekly paycheck can become when following our money management position sizing methods. 

Now I can't promise you that you're going to get a paycheck every week, but you could, and when you masters this system I would guess that you probably would. The system is designed for the consistent weekly paycheck in that's that was the approach to how we designed OWP System T; it's designed for consistency.

What If You Could Have Your Broker Send You A Paycheck Every Week From Your Trading Efforts?

Now this is a fun thing to do. Especially when you get started, having your broker send you a check of your profits every week can really boost your confidence and your overall mood. Plus of course, you'll have extra cash on hand. And for the first few weeks it would be a good idea to reward yourself so you
develop deep-seated experience with the process which improves your psychology about trading, which increases your belief levels about trading. 

The reward of making the next or weekly paycheck from doing very little effort throughout the week will start to sink in. There is no "working hard" in successful trading there's just simply trading a system which is very clear-cut and simple.  The more you get involved with the marketplace, trying to interpret its noise, the more tricks, traps and troubles you'll have to overcome and it's just not worth it.  So usually, the more work you do, the less money you make and the more you lose. 

In trading, "the less you do the more you make..", a popular statement, can be applicable. And with Options Weekly Paychecks systems products we looked to minimize effort is much as possible while being able to capture more opportunity because we usually go on the micro swing level which goes inside the standard day bar swings which allows us better entry and usually more profit.

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