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Use the New Options Weekly Paychecks System W to Put a Profit Prolific New Cash Flow Approach to Work For You.  Learn this System Quickly.  Trade for a Potential Very Good Living Whenever You Want. Wherever You Want. 

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SEE!  Options Weekly Paychecks System W – Systems Results Performance Picture

CAT:  October 2018 to Jan 28 2019 –  +98 Stock Profit Points that You Can Play with Options in Just 3 Months on CAT at this Time Is  HUGE!

4 +15 +.5 + 26-2+16+4-2-2-1+7+1+8 +10 – 1.8 – 2 +1 -1 +2 + 5 – 2+1+3+2-2-1+2-2+4-1+4-1-2-1-1+3+3-1 =+98.7 or an incredible + 394.8 annualized.  And 394.8 annualized means that on 1000 shares of stock that is $394,800 profit.  On options it depends on what strike you play and what your options deltas are, but lets say you used 20 contracts with 50% deltas well you would make more than $394,800 profit due to deltas increasing on moves that travel further.  

What is “annualized”? We only have 3 months performance sample because this is micro swing trading.   So there are 4 quarters of 3 months to a year. So if the same performance rate happened for each 3 months grouping over a 12 month span then you take the current performance result and multiply it by 4. That gives a better perspective towards the power of this system. 

Plus the average trade lasts roughly 2 to 3 days so premium decay is low.

Profit points are rounded down to try and incorporate estimated average slippage. 

BIDU NOV 2018  TO JAN 28 2019 + 91 Stock Profit Points that You Can Play with Options which is also HUGE for BIDU at this Time for Only a 3 MONTHS Results!

+ 2 + 7 + 5 + 4 + 4 -2 +1 + 4 + 5 -2 -1 +1 + 16 -2 -2 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 2 +1 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 13 + 4  = +91  or an incredible + 364 annualized.

Do you know what an intraweek trend is? It’s a price trend on the micro swing level that goes in between the week. There is a lot of opportunity when you cross between weeks.

Firstly with the concept of “weekly paychecks” we started with looking to keep everything within the Monday through Friday work week. And then later we realize that is an artificial limitation meaning that we look to just fit in between for the sake of something that sounds neat. But we’ve also have discovered there are really great moves that happen in between the weeks without limiting our self to profit-taking by Friday.

By adding System W to your arsenal of trading weaponry can you combine this with for example, OWP System B V2 to add on a excellent precision method for accumulating more profit points.

As you can see from the track records below over 3 to 4 months OWP System W has a high precision profit rate.

Ultra Cash Flow System Options Weekly Paychecks System W

“Unnatural” Amounts of Systems Results Profit Points as Seen from the Options Weekly Paychecks System W Systems Results Sample Below.

We are trading micro swing bars and that’s part of the secret to why we are able to capture so many profit points.

CAT:  October 2018 to Jan 28 2019 – 3 Months Results!  HUGE!

4 +15 +.5 + 26-2+16+4-2-2-1+7+1+8 +10 – 1.8 – 2 +1 -1 +2 + 5 – 2+1+3+2-2-1+2-2+4-1+4-1-2-1-1+3+3-1 =+98.7 or an incredible + 394.8 annualized.

BIDU NOV 2018  TO JAN 28 2019 = 3 MONTHS Results – HUGE!

+ 2 + 7 + 5 + 4 + 4 -2 +1 + 4 + 5 -2 -1 +1 + 16 -2 -2 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 2 +1 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 13 + 4  = +91  or an incredible + 364 annualized.

M (Macy’s)  Nov 1 2018 – Jan 28 2019 2  Months Results:  potent because M has super cheap options.

+1 + .5 -.25 + 4.5 + 2.5 + .7 +.2 + 1 +1+2.5 -.25 – .5 + 2.5 + 2 -4 +1-.5+1 -2.5 + 1.5 + 1 = 3 MONTHS +14.9  or an incredible + 89.4 annualized with cheap options to boot!

And because we are micro swing trading we can use shorter-term option if you like in order to capture these profits. You just needed time you are delta per move versus premium dick versus average time duration for a profitable trade.

And on that note you could use this system to sell options to help take an extra profit points from options premium decay on the short-term weekly options basis. You may want to consider selling options if you have that type of account. So you sell options a little bit up the chain in the money with some premium on it in combination with our momentum strategy in order to capture more profits while taking in collapsing premium as profit on top of it.

Also you can use credit spreads and debit spreads to trade Ultra Cash Flow System Options Weekly Paychecks System W if you’d like to do that too.

These are just some interesting ideas that could help you get started in a way that may appeal to you a bit more.

But it’s a wonderful thing to be able to go inside price action and capture these news which are not available and regular swing Trading.

Stack Potential Extraordinary Amounts of Cash Flow with Options Weekly Paychecks System W

STACK is the KEY WORD. Stacking up profits. Now that reminds me of how important it is to actually systems trade…

Systems trading gives us a full plan that is continuous.  We know that with a system we need to just show up every day and simply “do the numbers”.  We don’t have to get “motivated” or “pumped up” to “battle the markets” or anything like that.  We just simply get into a habitual groove and let the system “do it’s thing” potentially CRUSHING IT over time with compounding to boot!

When we are strategy trading sometimes it’s easy to just lose focus and not keep driving forward. With a system you just simply keep executing the system over and over and that’s just part of the plan.

In real-time everything seems like it’s new and it never happened before. But if you look back at price data historically,  pretty much everything is the same thing over and over again in terms of price patterns and actions and reactions. So therefore we want to play these actions and reactions in a very methodical way where we can put ourselves in position to net out a profit consistently over time.

So therefore what we need to understand is that we need to differentiate between our emotional experience of the markets in real-time versus the stone cold mechanics of systems trading, entry and exit on stocks and options.

And then when you learn how to compound properly, especially using options then trading account growth can get pretty phenomenal as your system continues to produce positive results at a steady pace. And this compounding can be a powerful thing.

So what’s the trick? Well you have to find a good system that you like trading. Then you need to simply use your willpower to turn the trading of the system into a habit in usually about 3 to 4 weeks so it seems like “nothing”, so it becomes automatic to us, so it becomes a habit!

Super Stack Options Weekly Paychecks System W with Options Weekly Paychecks System B for Mind Bending Potential Results

Super Stack Options Weekly Paychecks System W with Options Weekly Paychecks System B for Mind Bending Potential Results

Speaking of the word “stacked”… consider this mammoth possibility: You can trade Options Weekly Paychecks System B and Options Weekly Paychecks System W at the same time! (hey to me that’s exciting because I know what’s in the systems!).

Once you’re on the micro level in terms of watching price data you can be easy to trade another micro swing trading weekly trend or intra week trend type of system.

So what you do is you start off with a small position maybe even one contract until you start seeing that these systems can be tradable by you. And when you start seeing success continually growing your accounts then you’ll start to believe in the systems and from that you can move up to a more normal position size.

Approaching systems trading this way is smart because allows you to grow at a comfortable pace also it gets you in the game learning the system and understanding it instead of just blowing it off and forgetting about it or ignoring it because you’re afraid of it because you don’t believe in the system yet.

The problem is if we let a good system go that could have worked out for us we simply waste away complete financial freedom and the ability to potentially be done with money making, in a relatively short period of time.

I say this because it’s really easy, especially these days, to ignore something that’s relatively simple to execute. It’s easy to rush ahead and not trade the system correctly and not have your money management position size correct and then make a mess.

Because if you don’t learn the system right then you’ll get frustrated and you’ll throw it away while throwing away potential financial completion in the process. So in short, learn a trading system at a nice even relaxed enjoyable pace and the rewards could be vast for you.

Use Options Weekly Paychecks System W as a Strategy vs a System with Other Optimization Factors to Go In for the Crushing Profit SMASH

Now this is a cool concept! Do you understand what a strategy is versus a system?

A strategy is something that has an entry and exit and is a trade you can do whenever you think it’s best so therefore you can pick and choose maybe combining a strategy with other factors to potentially increase your probability or pick and choose the best trades only.

On the other hand you have a system and a system uses a strategy that you simply trade over and over no matter what. You don’t try to pick and choose what you think is best you simply take every trade in real time.

And the thing is when you become good at picking the best of the best of systems trades and decide to be a strategy trader you can get a little bit more aggressive in your position sizing which means you can pile up exciting amounts of cash in your wins.

Just keep in mind that you’re going to have to work out all the little details to refine your skills but you can do that fairly easily by keeping at it. So therefore you can increase your accuracy to very high rates and even grow a small account into a big one.

Can You Trade Options Weekly Paychecks System W for a Robust Living?

The Big Problem with Procrastinating in Starting to Trade a System

Learn from our experience. You don’t want to regret not lining up several trading systems and having them continually running even if it’s just with a few contracts and options were few shares and stocks. The thing is that with a good solid performing trading system you can compound your trading account and it can grow very very rapidly.

You don’t want to look back and regret that you could’ve been at 8, 9, 10 figures by now, ” ‘…if I would have just simply started the trading system even with a small amount…’ and compounded over time.

Yes it’s better to start small and prove yourself. Don’t just try to go for the one big score but do the small things that can add up paying overtime for later. That’s a big life lesson and it is true especially in the markets.

A lot of people just want to “hit the big one”, hit the amazing trade that will make them rich so they can maybe be in a trading book telling their glory story one day or something like that.  But that’s not the way to go. That will waste a lot of time pursuing that route. You’re much better off starting small with a system and letting the compounding build you up a massive trading account over time.

Can Options Weekly Paychecks System W Allow Me to Retire Quickly?

Well that certainly is the objective! That’s the objective of all of these trading systems here on Options Weekly Paychecks.com. You need to be able to be free without worrying about this expense or that expense. You need the flexibility to do what you need to do. You need the flexibility financially to fulfill your own destiny.

The key about retirement is that you don’t just want to have some lump sum. Different factors can even jeopardize a lump sum retirement.

So you want to be able to always make cash flow and then always make more cash flow.  Plus you always want to compound the value of your account continually too.  And you want to be able to do so with very little work!  This is why it’s a good idea to become very good at trading a good trading system.

So therefore getting good at trading a system could be one of the best retirement plans there is. Therefore I would get started in systems trading right away. Start studying and start practicing a trading system so you find your way of trading so that you can position yourself to have a really enjoyable retirement.

How Long Per Week Does it Take to Trade Options Weekly Paychecks System W?

It takes a few minutes of checking  your price charts a few times a day. The system uses 2 hour bars so it’s on the medium micro-swing level.  So you don’t need to react very often.

It’s not daytrading so you don’t have to be glued to the monitor at all times. In fact you could do daytrading on another system while trading Options Weekly Paychecks System W for generating even more cash flow. 

You can also do swing trading which takes 5 min. a night or so after the markets close along with Options Weekly Paychecks System W. 

So with the approach of Options Weekly Paychecks System W plus a day trading system plus an overnight swing trading system based on the day bars: you could have an extremely powerful cash flow generating combo.  And in order to work that out, get the systems, start practicing them and start putting them to work!  Every day you let go buy is a day wasted for compounding profits.

 How Much Money Can I Make with Options Weekly Paychecks System W?

Look at the performance record below. Also understand that the performance record is based on three months least as currently sampled maybe there’s more by the time you read this.

So therefore if it’s only three months of performance record then you multiply by 4 to get what would be in a year.

And if you can work the system and the results keep going as such and you get those results, then the amount of profits you can make are absolutely mind-boggling. Remember you don’t have to use options, you can use stocks. And if you can keep your win rate really high then you can figure out a little bit bigger position size to use on average to optimize the profitability of your trading of the system.

So as you get used to the system or more you’ll be able to tell how you can optimize the system so you can make more and more profits with it. I would just get started right away and start practicing it putting it to work and then start small until you get used to trading it and then take off from there.

Can I Move to a Resort and Trade Options Weekly Paychecks System W for a Big Living?

That’s a good idea actually! Would you want to do is first established and become consistent at your use of the Options Weekly Paychecks System W and prove to yourself that this system will be one that’s dependable for you. It certainly has that potential.

And would you want to do is use simple money management position sizing which is consistent. So the concept is that you keep progressing forward on a methodical consistent basis.

On that note if you don’t keep your money management position sizing even and attuned to your own trading accounts size then you open up too many variables or you can be influenced by her motions. Emotional trading is usually wrong so do keep that in mind. That is why we system trade!

Other than that, the best thing to do is to get started now, practice, become comfortable with the system and then trade with a tiny position until you feel comfortable moving up to more regular position size. This is the secret path to success…

Can I Use Options Weekly Paychecks System W to Raise Money to Help People?

That’s another good idea! But to refer to a concept that is in the Bible even, you may want to make sure you help yourself before you start helping others. You know the part that talks about removing the log at your own eye before you try and help someone else out by taking the splinter out of there eye?  Consider doing that first.

Now that’s an ancient wisdom!

What does that mean? Well in order to help people and help a lot of people you want to become stable financially. Because if you are not stable financially then all sorts of things can fall apart and fall apart fast.

So just imagine being able to have the cash flow and the large amounts of cash to help people and do good deeds on-the-fly as they come up. So in that sense the more profits you produce now the more “eternal profits” you can produce for the future with your genuinely good deeds.

Can I Use Options Weekly Paychecks System W to Get Out of Debt?

Look. Anything is possible.  The objective is to generate enough cash flow to pay off all your debts that you’re out of debt.  And quite possibly, a good trading system could be  your solution. 

Then as you generate more cash flow make sure you pay off all your debts and own stuff like a house and cars and don’t get any more debt. Proverbs: The borrower is slave to the lender… 

So as you develop a way for making cash flow just about on command and on a continuous basis, cash flow you can compound, then in the future you shouldn’t even think about taking another loan.   And just generate more cash to buy everything you need or don’t buy it.

The whole mentality of getting loans is flawed.  Instead don’t buy anything that you can’t pay for right away.  So learn how to generate cash flow. And being able to trade a good, consistent trading system could be your vehicle to do so!

I wanted to be clear that you understand the track record below. Do you understand that the amount of profit points shown below it is only for three months? These are incredible amounts of profit points. So if you multiply times 4 to make up a year, these profit points would blow away any swing trading system based on the day bars.

So by starting a new part time business in options trading you are looking at potential enormous amount of profit points which could translate into potential ridiculous amounts of cash flow for you, giving you arguably the greatest business opportunity on the planet.  

Of course I can’t “promise you future returns” but since this Options Weekly Paychecks System W is built on historical types of patterns, ratios and tendencies of human nature, chances have it that this system can do well into the future. 

Are you getting the picture of how powerful this system is? And if you don’t like options, you can use the Options Weekly Paychecks System W system to trade stocks and not have to worry about premium decay or deltas. But of course if you use options the potential to leverage options profitability is incredible.

Options Weekly Paychecks System W – Systems Results

CAT:  October 2018 to Jan 28 2019 – 3 Months Results!  HUGE!

4 +15 +.5 + 26-2+16+4-2-2-1+7+1+8 +10 – 1.8 – 2 +1 -1 +2 + 5 – 2+1+3+2-2-1+2-2+4-1+4-1-2-1-1+3+3-1 =+98.7 or an incredible + 394.8 annualized.

BIDU NOV 2018  TO JAN 28 2019 = 3 MONTHS Results – HUGE!

+ 2 + 7 + 5 + 4 + 4 -2 +1 + 4 + 5 -2 -1 +1 + 16 -2 -2 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 2 +1 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 13 + 4  = +91  or an incredible + 364 annualized.

M (Macy’s)  Nov 1 2018 – Jan 28 2019 2  Months Results:  potent because M has super cheap options.

+1 + .5 -.25 + 4.5 + 2.5 + .7 +.2 + 1 +1+2.5 -.25 – .5 + 2.5 + 2 -4 +1-.5+1 -2.5 + 1.5 + 1 = 3 MONTHS +14.9  or an incredible + 89.4 annualized with cheap options to boot!

Take Action and Put Options Weekly Paychecks System W to Work for You!




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