OWP System X is a New Way to Swing Trade Micro Swings that Has Proven to be Highly Effective and Prolific!

As you can see from the results below, with just five months this method, OWP System X  has been able to pull in incredible amounts of profit points relative to average profits points one would expect from those particular stocks.  That means OWP System X has the potential to make A LOT OF MONEY.

Additionally this method has shown to be quite precise. Plus it offers great business math per trade on average which comes from better risk-reward ratio entries. And whenever we can have better risk-reward ratios on average the better our trading business math becomes and the better our long-term profitability potential there is.

  • Trade 120-minute bars - 2 hour bars
  • It's a particular form of Swing Trading that we have created from our experience over the decades.
  • Allows you to use very short-term options for high delta profit points.
  • OWP System X can also be used as a strategy, heavy duty strategy meaning that you can use to pinpoint your ideal opportunity, with a good reward to risk ratio and potential score big with optimized setups.

OWP System X Performance - Systems Results

 September Start in AAPL  ot Jan 28 2019

+ 3 +.1 + 3 + 3 +1+2+5+.1+.2+2+2+3-.5-1-.5+2+.1+1-.5+2+8+4+1+3+3+2+2+3-1+4+1-1+2-1+3+1 +3-1-1+3+10+4-.5-1+2-1-1+1+4-1+1+16+5+3+17+3+2-1+2-2+3-1+4 = +133.5

BIDU  SEP 2018 JAN  2019 =

+19-1-2+2-1+3-2+13+4+4+1+2+1+9-2+10+7-2+1+10+4+5+6+4+2+2-1-3+4-2 +3+9+3+4+-1+.5+2+6+8-2-1+1+10+5+3+2+.5+1+3+3+3+5+6+5= +176

New Options Weekly Paychecks System X DESTROYS The Markets

Discover what it's like to trade one of our powerful systems on the micro swing level. The micro swing level offers many extra opportunities that most people don't even know exist to trade the markets for Price action. We're going to show you a highly efficient precise way for targeting net profits over and over and over again with a focus on the concept of averaging out a weekly paycheck.

Out Of Control Insane Cash Flow Generation Possibilities With New Options Weekly Paychecks System X

Imagine the possibility of making 400 points a profit or 500 points of profit on a $200 stock. Imagine compounding that overtime. That means if you had 1000 shares of stock and you net out 400 points of profit you would make $400,000. And that's in one year. What if you could do that type of concept every year?

Well in order to achieve those types of possibilities you you're going to need a stock trading system or options trading system that's going to trade the markets in a different way. These opportunities exist on the micro swing level. And we found a very solid, stable and Brilliant way of consistently putting ourselves in front of these micro swings getting in and out of price action that is hidden a lot of the times on the day bars. And this way would be Options Weekly Paychecks System X.

Very Realistic Repeatable Incredible Cash Flow Opportunities With New Options Weekly Paychecks System X

Options Weekly Paychecks System X is a very sound and solid systematic approach to trading stocks and options. In order to position one self for long-term trading success one is going to need solid, very clear method of entry and exit in the markets.

What's a solid concept in trading the markets? It's basing your entry and exit off of particular patterns that are inherent to Natural price action law. And then having those patterns clearly recognizable by you in real time so they no Doubt while you are trading.

Price action laws are part of a universal thing. Price action laws derives its basis of action and reaction based on universal law. Now that may sign sound wild and crazy to some folks but as you get to know price action for price charts better and better you'll find this to be true. Even though something may seem different as your experience it in real time as you look back over price action charts over time you'll see that nothing is new. There are simply repeatable cycles upon cycles of price action in the markets and as you gain more experience you'll be able to know what's going on better and better thereby positioning yourself for more and more profiting with more and more accuracy and more and more mediocrity avoidance.

Micro Swing Gone A Bit More Macro For Powerful Cash Flow System Results With Options Weekly Paychecks System X

Micro swing gone macro with Options Weekly Paychecks System X means that we have moved on over the 120-minute bars which is a bigger bar to trade for micro swing Trading. 120 minute Bar or the two hour has its unique properties we look to exploit. And we've found many different ways to exploit the price action on a 2-hour 120 minute Bar of price.

One way of taking advantage of the whole world the price action that occurs on the 120 minute bar is to trade Options Weekly Paychecks System X. I know some of you guys, students of ours, are going to really like this system! It hits the sweet spot a lot of you guys have been looking for and has that ability to potentially accelerate you are trading quite a bit more...

Looking To Trade Full-time Time In A Powerful Way? You'll Certainly Want To Check Out Options Weekly Paychecks System X

Trading full time means that you have learned how to trade well with a very methodical business like plan for entry and exit. You need an exact way of entering into a trade and an exact way of exiting a trade so there is absolute clarity in real time.

You also need a method of trading that can give you ample opportunity and that opportunity just keeps on happening over and over on a fairly frequent basis.

You certainly don't want to be forcing anything in the markets and therefore you need a highly strategic systematic plan of entering when the cycle of movement is going to start and not entering when the cycle of movement is going to go stagnant.

What If You Can Make 400 Points Of Profit Off Of Apple Stock Per Year?

If you can make 400 points of profit off a stock every year and use options instead or use options and the stock or just use stock, then you can make absolutely ridiculous fortunes!

So how do you make these 400 hundred points for example on average per year of profit point in the stock?

Well we can't promise you future returns and you probably know that by now. And I can't predict the future in a sense that you never know what happens etc... but we can deal with what we can deal with and we can at least try to put ourselves in a very high probability position for profiting in ways that we want to profit by using a prolific type of price action system such as Options Weekly Paychecks System X so we could go for our goal with gusto!

Would that retire you? Check out Options Weekly Paychecks System X

Would it retire you? We hope so! In order to retire from the Markets one's going to have to do a couple things. You are going to have to build up your account to a large enough level so you can just do nothing and live off the profits. But of course if you built your account up to a large enough level on a consistent basis in profiting then you probably wouldn't want to stop.

You can of course take out money and put it into other systems or take a certain large amount out and just keep it as cash. You could always buy real estate. You could start trading stocks systems. Start a cover call portfolio for cash flow retirement income which is basically, rental real estate in concept a little bit more active by the way we do that. We have some cool new covered call trading systems just coming out although we have created several awesome covered call systems in the past that essentially fixed covered calls from being something lame into something that can be potentially quite profitable, far more profitable and smart than the old ways of trading covered calls.

Another thing to consider is that as your account grows over time then with our money management position sizing model, your position size would also grow over time.

Did you know that you generate more cash flow on as you continue to trade profitably and grow your account size? How is this?

This is because your trading position sizes are bigger!

Therefore when you have successful trades and your trading position sizes because your account is bigger (dunning a mathematic ratio that is...) you will simply bring in more revenue. Therefore this increases your cash flow over time as well. So in the future if you wish to take money out of the market then you will have greater weekly paychecks to obtain if you so wish.

So you can build up your trading account to a certain size that your happy with and then simply start taking out your profits as cash flow to do other things instead of just continuing to grow your account and compound it.


Are you getting the picture of the massive amount of profitability here with System X?  If you're familiar with some of our really awesome option swing trading systems on Options Trading AUTHORITY for example, you'll know that A system that makes 133 points of profit on Apple in a year is already incredible. And now we see hundred 33 points in just four months.

So if you're looking for the potential to crush it in options trading with a part-time business trading very casually you may just want put OWP System X to work.  

I mean come on, look at BIDU massive profit points!   If that continues throughout the year that's about 528 profit points. That's just mind blowing.  Just image trading that with only 10 contracts - you would be looking at around $250,000 for the year.  But if you don't know, we use the MOMMS options money management system which allows us to properly compound our options trading points.  So that 10 contracts you first start with starts growing to 20, then 30, then 50 and so on therefore making that profit potential, far greater than $250,000 for the year.

$19,997    Introductory Price: $2,997