Options Weekly Paychecks System A Is an Options Trading System Designed To Take Out Weekly Trends with Options (or Stock) in a Few  Minutes a Week of “Work” for a Simple Habit One Can Do for the Sake of  Developing Multiple Streams of Cash Flow While Building New Worth…

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Options Weekly Paychecks System A V3

2 Trades Max.  15 Minutes of ‘Work’ Per Week Max!

We should all be continually running Options Weekly Paychecks System A even with just a small amount of money otherwise we’re just wasting money leaving it on the table…

Is it possible to actually make an income from the markets? I would think so! How else did and do professional traders put food on the table?!

Options Weekly Paycheck works and we believe it can work for you. can you imagine finally finding something that could actually work? The trading system just needs to be implemented and implemented with a proper perspective that you’ll find from looking at OWP System A or OWP System B pages.

Recent Performance Update Sample Here are CAT trades, on CATERPILLAR – Pretty sweet +97 Lazy easy profit points in 4.5 months. 

March 2023:    +24.57  -8.05 +4.39  -7.58 +9.88 = +23.21 or $23,310 on 1000 shares of stock

April +19.69 +9.17 -2.58+4.03 +14.65 = +44.96 or $44,960on 1000 shares of stock

May  +1.73 -2.02+1.4 +1.6 = +2.71or $2,710 on 1000 shares of stock

June  -7.7+11.68 +7.45 +5.19 +3.59 = +20.21 or $20,210 on 1000 shares of stock

July  -.18 +6.26 Stop July 10 = +6.08 or $6,080 on 1000 shares of stock for 1st week of July

All together: 24.57 -8.05+4.39 -7.58+9.88+19.69+9.17-2.58+4.03+14.65+1.73-2.02+1.4+1.6-7.7+11.68+7.45+5.19+3.59-.18+6.26 =   +97.17 From March 2023 to July 10 2023:  +97.17.  And that’s only 5 months for a recent update sample to the point of this typing.  Easy to trade. few minutes a week.  OWP System A is a No Brainer to just keep putting to work over time. 

Just keep in mind price action cycles for position sizing optimization and proper perspective over time.  i.e. You don’t want to fall asleep or get emotional during boring price movement and miss the big moves that cycle in right after that.  And you can see that cycle from month to month in the system results performance above and below for other instruments. 

The good news is that Options Weekly Paychecks System A is so Cave Man / Cave Woman Simple that you don’t have to worry about all of that, cycles etc.   You can just put on the simple trades and let the system do it’s thing!  In fact, you could even call Options Weekly Paychecks System A a required system to trade for decades and decades to come…

Why Options Weekly Paychecks System A?

  • It’s a very laid back system.  Takes a few minutes a week to trade. Designed for low work, less time involved lifestyle.
  • You can use on whatever stock you like.  Good swinging stocks of course are always better.
  • You can use with cheap, somewhat ITM options which mitigates premium decay with higher delta offset in winning direction potential for deep ITM profits.
  • You can use OTM further out in time for low premium decay.
  • An easy way to take advantage of weekly trends.
  • A type of system that is considered to be done as a habit over time looking to start small, watch it grow and compound the profits. 


SHOCKING Profit opportunities are available through weekly trends in the stock market.. But you knew that Right?

  • We’ll show you how you can capture these opportunities easily, telling you where to get in and get out.
  • Read On to find out how much Profit is possible…
  • Imagine being able to net out a consistent 10 options points, a week on average with just 3 stocks (see performance example below) !
  • Yes it’s possible and probable. We’ll show you how the Options Weekly Paychecks system is crunching out profits through weekly trades.

Some weeks will blow your mind. Some weeks will be duds. Some weeks will even lose. But the cumulative netting out of profits is what makes this system go. But that’s the same with any good business. The bottom line is net profit.

So the trick in running the system or any system for that matter is just a do the numbers! So we put on our little trade each week and let the system do its thing.

Why strain the brain?

  • Some weeks are extremely rewarding creating 400 to 600% returns. No that’s not a typo! That’s what happens on the stocks we play with cheap options that have huge Deltas (rates of change of the options to stock price changes) Depending on how many contracts you trade, and that should be just a small percentage of your portfolio in options – with 10 contracts, on the short term cheap options – $3,400 can turn into $17,600 in a week – and that would be your weekly paycheck for that week.
  • Believe it or not – with this system you don’t have to watch the markets if you are a member! We just put in 2 orders to start off the week. And then we trail stop up the profit.
  • Each order has a stop loss.
  • We don’t have to watch the markets and we enter and exit perfectly on our options because we use contingent orders. Contingent orders are easy option orders that we set so we don’t have to strain our brains trying to figure out the correct option price at time of entry and exit. And more importantly – we don’t have to watch the stock all day to trigger out option order – and that is HUGE!
  • There will be losing trades but a lot of weeks will be straight shot winners.


Home Study Course Now Available Where You Get Access to the Secret System

Discover “Inside Information” in a Stock’s Price Movement with Options Weekly Paychecks System A

See How to Ride that Movement with Short Term Options By Using This System Each and Every Week!


Options Weekly Paychecks System A Involves Day Bar Trading Set Up Once and Exited Once.  Set it and Forget it for the Week.  And the Results have Been Astonishing!

This system is based on the “SSTS principle” in combination with the “Trading for a Good Living Philosophy”:

  • Explosive new improvements added to newly released version 2.0

  • You set up your trades once a week

  • You get out around a week later

  • The system results speak for them selves

  • The simplicity of the system will make you feel genius.

  • No watching the markets all day so you can have freedom to do what you want while potentially building a massive income stream with only a literal few minutes of work per week (sorry that sounds cliché but there is just not much to do with this system!)

  • Potentially develop massive net worth over time

  • Very, easily tradable system

  • We teach you the system and the money management system so all you need to do is make a habit out of simply trading the system right

  • You can get started with only a couple thousand bucks!

  • You get to trade short term options for maximum leverage and high deltas!

  • Some weeks absolutely crush it providing for dizzying returns in options

  • What if… What if this actually worked for you?

  • Everyone in my opinion should be running this system with at least one option contract per trade

Options Weekly Paychecks System A Performance

System Performance Record Example Of Options Weekly Paychecks System A.  What does this mean?  It means that if you followed the system signals as Options Weekly Paychecks System A gave you could had similar if not the same results over the given period of time:

  • System results based on entry and exit rules of the system
  • Cave man simple.  Many times, the most cave man simple systems are the most powerful for compounding potential gianormous profits over time.
  • Since so little time is involved to trade this system you can trade it along side of other systems here on Options Weekly Paychecks.com
  • Hey. Why not just put OWP System A to work and let it do it’s thing?  Just start with one contract and let OWP System A prove its self to you.  Then later you’ll start to really believe in it and then you can start to potentially grow really big!
NFLX 18.66
Mar 9 2015 -7.87
Total stock profit points 340.24
BIDU         AAPL          
JAN 1 2011 5.45       JAN 1 2011 10.04        
  -2.28 2.12       -15.56        
  -0.56         -1.87        
  11.26         -6.42        
  -2.23         -1.48        
  8.78         3.42 7.43      
  -2.36 7.26       -2.87        
  -3.54         19.08        
  -1.68         4.32        
  -2.78 3.01       -5.04        
  0.89         -1.37        
  6.46   46 Trades   0.56        
  5.18   19 Losers   -2.56 7.23      
  -6.58   27 Winners   8.36        
  2.87   58.70% Winning   -3.08 8.08      
  -5.69 3.14       3.84        
  -5.03         -2.87        
  13.29         -2.48        
16-May -3.34         13.23        
  -2.34 -2.34       -3.46   49 Trades  
  -3.45         12.93   18 Losers  
  3.65         6.08   31 Winners  
  4.68         4.83   63.27% Winning  
  9.68         14.38        
  -3.03         6.28        
  5.65         -2.32        
  4.87         3.08        
  4.23         16.43        
  21.05         3.43        
  6.23         1.07        
  7.13         36.01        
  6.05         8.32        
  -8.23         -6.43        
  -4.44         23.08        
  13.87         16.31        
  21.28         4.32        
  14.87         3.91 2.87      
  6.03         24.02        
  -6.23         -4.18        
  -5.14 3.06       26.43        
Nov 7 2011 114.52 16.25 130.77  Total for 11 Months   8.13        
      2.97 Points per week. -7.18        
            -9.42 -3.88      
            219.48 21.73 241.21  Total for 11 Months  
  Stock Points 130.77              
  Options Points 57.54         5.48 Points per week.
      10 CC $57,538.80            
      20CC $115,077.60     Stock Points   241.21  
      50CC $287,694.00     Options Points   106.13  
                  10 CC $106,132.40
  CLF               20CC $212,264.80
  -3.05               50CC $530,662.00
  8.14       Totals Three Stocks Combined        
  -2.77 5.19       10 Contracts $215,718.80      
  3.88         20 Contracts $431,437.60      
  3.74         50 Contracts $1,078,594.00      
  -3.18 3.44                
  2.03   45 Trades            
  3.23   15 Losers            
  -2.46 3.36 30 Winners            
  4.86   66.67% Winning            
  -3.01 1.78                
  -2.22 3.45                
7-Nov 101.07 17.22 118.29  Total for 11 Months            
      2.69 Points per week.          
  Stock Points 118.29              
  Options Points 52.05              
      10 CC $52,047.60            
      20CC $104,095.20            
      50CC $260,238.00            

 Money Translation: Here are the Totals if You Would Have Traded 10 Contracts, 20 Contracts or 50 Contracts on the 3 Stocks Above just as the System rules say in the 10 Month Sample Above.

This means if you followed the system to a T on the stocks above you could have had the same or very similar results (and it’s pretty hard to screw system A up!)


In Just 11 Months Systems Trading Results on the 3 Stocks Above:


10 Contracts



20 Contracts



50 Contracts





I see you are looking for ways of making extra income right?  Really who isn’t.  And why not.  The more streams of income the better since that provides more stability and opportunity to develop out other projects while providing the freedom and flexibility to do what you want when you want, to go where you want when you want. 

I know it can frustrating search in finding a program that will work for you and that you can work.  Not only that, if you find a program that works would you actually like to work it? Do you enjoy that program, that system?  You need to find a program that works and one you like trading.  This is why we design different trading system to fit different lifestyles.

Options Weekly Paychecks System A is designed for those who want utmost freedom and as little time as possible involved.  Yes we can design systems that way and it is very possible in the markets.  Look at the results on this page!  Actually the most profitable trading systems require the least clerical, laborious work!  Doesn’t that sound crazy?  You’ll find this to be the case when you study the trading superstars!

I understand your search. And I want to tell you today that there is hope. There is something ‘out there’ that is comfortably doable and that can potentially net out extra cash on a consistent basis. We are here to present a very creative option for you to work some spare risk capital into a potential income stream. We have a way for you to trade that has a good probability of success.

There are a lot of scams out there you know…. And although a lot of opportunities are not scams they are often much more difficult to make happen than presented. If you’ve been in the hunt on ways to make extra income then you know what I’m talking about.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way to add a nice stream of extra income that was true, honest, genuine and smart driven by the highest in professional skills and standards? And what if that extra stream of income system has the power to potentially create enough stable and significant income so you could even entertain the possibility of retiring? I think we may have that ‘potential solution’ here for you today with Options Weekly Paychecks Systems. (OWP System A or OWP System B)

I am here today to show you a sincere opportunity to trade the stock options market in a very real way for a potential good extra income stream. A way that requires very little time

I know you’re really and truly looking for a way of making money that actually works.

Again, I understand your search and exactly where you are I know that you need a doable way that can keep providing income over time, a way on which you can rely for an additional source of income.

This is why we think the Options Weekly Paychecks program can be appealing to you if at the very least being a potential small risk side income stream for you.

I have been trading stocks for over 25 years and options for over 14 years. So I’ve been around the block. I also develop trading systems – hence the Options Weekly Paychecks system.

I’m continually developing new systems to take advantage of fundamental, natural price movements in the market. You see, it trading the markets we need an edge. So I go out and find an edge that provides repeatable opportunity.

In trading, especially with options trading you have an opportunity to literally make money ‘out of thin air”. You have no inventory, employees, hardly any expenses (except for trading losses) you just buy and sell. And with today’s advanced ordering techniques, trading options has become so easy! And you no longer have to watch the markets all day.

The opportunity is there, it’s here, now. Can you sense it? Can you sense this is the real deal? If you can you’re ready to become one of my students. I only want to train those who are ready to treat trading more serious than their job or business. Those people will be able to succeed.


Do you understand what 8.76 Options Average Points a week could mean to your bottom line?

An option point is simply $100 for 1 contract. Unless you are a total beginner – who just trades 1 contract?

If you could average 8.76 points in options a week you can make $1,994 a week on 1 option contract. And what if you trade 10 contracts

Ok let’s just say you got only 1/4 of that. So it’s 2.19 points a week average playing the 6 stocks as you see on the performance page. On 1 contract that could be $219/wk on one tiny contract or $2,190 on 10 contracts.

We have been trading for a long time, longer than some of our student’s entire lifespan… Let me tell you a couple tips about actually trading a system successfully while avoiding pitfalls…

Inexperienced traders tend to enter upon excitement, AFTER the big move has already happened. Then inexperienced or traders in a loser mindset give up, ‘get bored’ or frustrated during the slow times and the consolidation periods and then they miss the big move. If you’ve been trading much at all you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Therefore the System will help you through the choppy times and prepare you for the big weeks mentally and emotionally. I mean, the system is just going to keep on giving signals. But we, you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared so we stay on top of the signals and execute them – so we don’t stray and mess it all up.

When trading this system:

1. Some weeks will be trading in easy money. Some weeks will be choppy and not as easy. We look to average out a net profit throughout the weeks and so far are pretty well.

2. The stock could have surprise news which, yes, can explode in our favor creating enormous profits or… the stock can wipe out our position in options by exploding against us. We combat this by using proper money management, small percentage fractional money management doing only 2% to 5% of portfolio size per deal.

3. The way one makes money from the markets is to think long term with a solid trading system or strategy. Understand that the markets cycle from fast and fluid price movement to slow and choppy. Our systems are developed to net a potential massive profit net, net through market cycles. This is the way successful professional traders trade.

To purchase Options Weekly Paychecks SYSTEM A, Options Trading System Home Study Course first read the terms below.  Understand that is a highly proprietary trading course.  We will teach you a trading system through Videos, PDF’s and some audios.  This is a system that you learn, practice then trade.  Do not purchase this course unless you are serious about committing the time and effort it takes to learn and trade the system.

The price of the course is $1,997 for Options Weekly Paychecks System A Version 2.0.   Is that expensive?  Not if you consider how fast you can lose mindlessly or emotionally trading in options.  Or sometimes it’s not even your fault due to some over night gap right?   Well now you can take control and run a system with smart money management so it doesn’t matter what the market is doing, you’ll simply be in place to NET out over time riding easy while your friends are losing their shirts…

But wait:  If you take action within the next 24 hours OWP System A can Be Yours for Only   $997  and there is even a 3 pay option.  But hurry!   

This deal is only for action takers.  Because you’ll need to be an action taker to succeed.

We simply ask you to watch the system videos 3 times with a notepad and send us your trading questions so we can quickly get you on track trading the system correctly.  That said, this system is a quick learn.  Just make sure you study our options money management system and you’ll be well on your way to potential, lasting options trading success..