PANIK3 Options Trading Strategy High Precision Weekly Trading Strategy and System for HIGH Momentum Moves to Ride with Weekly Options

80% to 85% Winning as in the Strategy Run as a System Results Below (which means take every trade.)

Panic Profits Right Into Your Trading Account!  This Options Strategy is not Called PANIK for Nothing!

Panic Momentum trading is Arguably the MOST Profitable Way to Trade with Options Especially if You Focus on Only Trading That Way.

 This is option strategy is a must-have.  You should always be doing this strategy!  Not doing the strategy is like making a large withdraw from the bank, going down to the beach, walking out 20 feet into the water, don’t been all your cash in the ocean!  The waste of money by not doing this strategy!

Learn How to “Crush It” in Your Options Trading with this Powerful High Momentum Options Trading Strategy: Register for Details

This is an Options Trading Strategy that Can Pay for Itself Many Times Over and Decades to Come.

Enjoy trading a strategy that has worked for decades and should always work into the future.


  • Highly accurate pinpoint strategy
  • Momentum burst that usually has excellent follow through in price action
  • Carries over night for a couple to a few day trade on average
  • Trades in just a few minutes a night with the use of contention orders


  • Adding get another ultra powerful trading weapon to your options trading arsenal
  • Every time you see one of these strategy setups you’ll feel like having a mini party
  • Flexible application across most stocks, indices and ETFs

ecover-PANIK3-optiontradingstrategyPANIK3 Options Trading Strategy is a video-based home study course and teaches you how to train the strategy.  You can traded anytime you want and on any stock you want. You can lineup the most optimal options for the biggest bang for your buck.  You will have endless streams of opportunity with this strategy. This is definitely a must-have.

Check out the PANIK3 Options Strategy performance samples below.

There is no reason why you, we or anyone shouldn’t be doing PANIK3 options strategy at all times. (and this is from over 20 years of observation!).  This strategy is so fundamental to human nature in the markets it’s one of the closest things to “easy money” in the markets.

Here with AAPL and NFLX we just ran the strategy for a year as a system taking all trade setups as they occurred.  There was no picking and choosing.

Now AAPL was counted in post 7:1 split prices.  Options have gotten much cheaper on AAPL and AAPL moves much slower with it’s new, fat, 7 fold greater float.

Once you get this strategy you’ll be able to see that these are ALL the exact trade setups with none left out.    This strategy is a great add on to any system and takes only a few minutes to trade.  We trade the day bars and use contingent orders to automatically get us in and out during the trading day.  Opportunities usually show up about once per month on average.

2.28 10.84
5.21 2014 Jan – Dec -3.65
0.36 -1.69
0.28 22.36
4.13 12.3
4.08 7.13
0.19 29.65
-1.19 4.28
5.18 6.98
0.08 36.43
0.28 -6.87
-0.78 7.14
0.39 12.08
8.32 95.88
28.81 Total
 12.76 Approximate options points

85% Winning

239.04 Total ~ 105 Approximate Options Points
80% Winning

You’re Going to LOVE PANIK3 Options Trading Strategy and Start to Salivate Every Time You See the Strategy Trade Set Up

This is a strategy that you CAN’T DO WITHOUT.  It’s a perfect strategy for options because it’s EXPLOSIVE, RAPID MOMENTUM almost every time which is IDEAL for buying calls and buying puts.

I’d buy this yesterday if I were you and put it to work IMMEDIATELY.  It’s VERY tradeable!

Just $777

Get this before we add another zero to it – it’s worth at least that…


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