STRIKER- Weekly Options Trading System

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STRIKER! Is the Trading System Solution For NOW!

  1. Trades On micro swing level and even though day bar swings may be messy, there’s a whole new world of price action activity for profiting underneath.
  2. Trade high delta cheap options for high probability moves for generating cash flow and cash accumulation.
  3. As you generate cash flow you can take some out if you need to pay some bills.
  4. If you’re looking for a great plan then use STRIKER!
  5. You can also use STRIKER with NADEX knockouts which are easier to trade on the micro swing level and give double the profits vs. emini futures ES & RTY with no commissions.  Trading off the cash index is easier.    
  6. You can use to trade forex in an easier way. 
  7. Be able to generate your own trading signals for life!

STRIKER- Weekly Options Trading System

Options Weekly Paychecks STRIKER System with XLM Super Special – Similar to 90% Off with this Special, Actually Better than 90% Currently Due to XLM’s Low Price

Trying a new type of special.  Save huge.  This time it’s $1 product value costs 1 XLM.  XLM currently at ~ $.09.    XLM is ‘crypto’ of the future for Earth and beyond.  Elon Musk is a big fan of XLM.  

It’s easy to get and send.  Contact for instructions and Stellar wallet address send instructions.  If you haven’t bought and sent XLM before, no worries, it’s easy. Plus you can do a small test order first and we’ll confirm the send. 

To purchase the powerful cash flow style trading system called System X just reply for XLM Stellar address.  Contact or open support ticket if you need any help.  This is a good time to get started with Stellar, a very good time..

So since STRIKER is priced at $4997 (yes it’s that good) then you would buy and send 4997 XLM (we usually charge 3x XLM per dollar but this special is only 1 XLM).  4997x$.088 (current XLM price) = only $439.73.

Use the opportunity now if you are new to the Stellar network.  It is how you’ll be buying and selling with for most things into the very near future.

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