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System 5 - Option Weekly Paychecks Trading Signals

ETSY - System 5 Signals
Jan 2021 +38.28+21.1
Feb 2021 27.29+2.21+1.8
Mar 2021 +25.5+28.99+19.99
Apr 2021 +11.39+12.29-6.31+44.09
Jun 2021 -5.48+26.2
July 2021 +20.1+15.9
Aug 2021 -7.14+14.39
Sep 2021 +1.62+22.49
Oct 2021 +.87+10.5
Nov 2021 +13.19
Dec 2021 +36.72+29.09
Jan 2022 +18.6
Feb 2022 +25.49
March 2022 +18.01

 For example:  ETSY Moves +38 points.   Pretty deep In The Money options cost 9.4.  Upon +38 point move those options go to 44.55 5 days later.  That's a +35.15 options gain which is getting pretty close to 100% deltas.  So it's just about like you're trading a stock that is priced at 9.4 per share.  So if you used 10 contracts the profit in this example would be $35,150.  On 100 contracts profit would be  $351,500 for just 1 trade!
OWP System 5 Signals Options Trading Signals - Stock Trading Signals V.a (1)
OWP System 5 Signals V2 a white

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ROKU Performance Example













= +174.04 For 1st 4 months of January 2022

Features of System 5 Options Trading Signals

  • System 5 - Option Weekly Paychecks Trading Signals is an incredible new way to trade.
  • It's a super easy way to trade that as you can see from the performance below has been extremely profitable. 
  • This is a five-day trade. After the entry is generated based on our pinpoint entry mechanisms from OWP "System 5"  all you do is get out five days later.
  • Why 5 days? Well 5 days correlates with a "weekly paycheck concept" or a paycheck over a week concept since the trade lasts a week or 5 business days.  And 5 days is a prime swing cycle number: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8... Remember your Fibonacci numbers?   
  • Quite frankly we were surprised how well this method works after developing this system.
  • Why just simply make a trading signal service that gets out 5 days later? Because it provides clarity for you on knowing when to get out and it reduces workload and worry while making trading a lot more fun! If you have to manage trail stops everyday, well, for some people that becomes annoying. So we figured out a way how to make this easier and while also  showing excellent profit results.

What Do You Have to Do to Trade These Signals?

Sign up. Watch them in real time to increase your belief. Then if you want to trade then you simply look out for our email or you can log into your members back office to look if there's any new trade for the day. All this will take roughly 5 minutes if there's a new trade and to place the new trade.

Semi automation:  you can use contingent orders.  Set contingent orders to trigger you into the market once our signal price is crossed and then set a contingent order stop loss, which you should be able to do at the same time.   Then you can set a time based contingent order to get out of your position 5 days later.

This is a stock trading signal service and an options trading signal service:  You can use options. You can use stocks.  Stocks are of course easier.  Options offer more flexibility for profiting. 

What Are the Risks? 

Well you have your standard risks in trading.  We set a initial stop loss via contingent order.  Sometimes stocks gap overnight which can be in your favor, making you a lot of money, or they could gap against you.

With options you limited to whatever you put in. With stocks your risk is to the number of points it gaps.   

Also if using options that are in the money by expiration then if you don't close out the position by expiration the broker will assign you the stock so you have to be able to buy the equivalent amount of shares to the options position you opened. 

That said,  you can either just pay attention or set a contingent order to automatically get you out before expiration so you don't have to worry about it. You can talk to your broker more about contingent orders -  contingent orders are a great thing. 

Because we are getting out 5 days later then you know when you are going to get out so you can set a contingent order to just close your position five days later which  reduces the concern of forgetting about a position,  letting it go into expiration.   That said you'll still want to be on top of what's going on in your trading account because that's a good thing to do.

What Types of Options Positions Can You Use?  What Type of Options Do We Play?  

Shorter-term deeper in the money that has very little premium:  These types of options can move quickly towards 100% delta's nearby paying you more when the stock moves. 

And when the stock moves in your favor premium Decay becomes pretty much a non-issue when you were deep enough in the money on your starting position.

You can also buy options out further in time  that are slightly in the money, at the money or out-of-the-money so then premium decay cost  becomes much lower than one or two weeks to expiration options.

Yes further out in time means you pay very little in premium decay. But the issue is that the deltas are slower and you have to put more money into the options. So when the stock makes its move unless it's a massive move you don't get paid as much as the shorter-term ITM options but you do have less premium decay cost. 

Also since your deltas are smaller you lose less money on average when a stock goes against you. When you buy options and the stock goes against you the options lose money slower as it goes against you because the deltas shrink which in a sense, is nice.

What About Using Naked Options?

System 5 is a good system for using a naked options. You just have to set your contingent order stop loss upon entry to your naked options position.  Usually one would use short-term options in selling naked options in order to have 5 days at least till expiration to cover the whole trade. 

That said System 5  has very good precision and follow-through momentum usually so if you wanted to sell naked options that had say,  3 days to expiration,  and you just wanted the option to expire worthless, well,  that's a concept that can be done as well. 

Just understand that when you sell naked options and you go in the money to capture more momentum you do want to have some premium on those naked options because naked options with no premium left tends to get exercised. And if you sell naked options, of course you're going to need to be able to buy the equivalent amount of stock if the naked options get exercised against you.

Is Options Weekly Paychecks System 5 Trading Signals Service for Making a Paycheck Every Week with Option Weekly Paychecks Trading Signals?

Well this is a variation on that theme meaning that this is a one-week trade and we're going to take the optimized entries according to the system. So if each month was profitable then you would divide up the month by 4 and you can call that your weekly paycheck. But since this is a five-day trade it fits well into his theme of options weekly paychecks. 

And our weekly paychecks systems were originally designed as a fun concept, which then was shown to be more significant than just a fun concept as we started discovering various different weekly cycles concepts and ways to take advantage of price action throughout the week using micro swing trading and other methods. 

And now, we have develop several powerful options weekly paychecks systems that have the potential for consistent and immense profiting.   It's just that with OWP System 5 Trading Signals, we take systems development up one step further with some heavy duty approaches that we are not selling as a system on the site. 

Fortunately, you can access System 5 Trades through this signals service, well, granted membership is not already full.  So if you see a working add to cart button below, sign up and lock in your position before membership fills. 

Click add to cart to get started below.  This signals price will go up significantly later as membership grows..  Lock in your spot.  

It's $97 a month.  These signal's price will go up significantly later. 

Lock in your spot.  You get access to a members back office where we will post the signals.  We will email you when there is a new signal.  You can cancel at any time if you so choose, yourself from your members back office area.   

Get started below.  Get started watching the signals to increase your belief in them for trading.  


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