Did you miss our OWP System 5 Options Signals Puts, Downward Swing Trade from Thursday Apr 21?

Did you miss our OWP System 5 Options Signals Puts, Downward Swing Trade from Thursday Apr 21?

Options Weekly Paychecks Options Trading Signals Called “System 5 Options Signals Service” Trades and Awesome Precision Entry Style Strategy for Trading Stocks and Options.  Our exit is that We Just Get Out 5 Days Later
  • 5 days is not a gimmick there is a cycle to it.  
  • It makes trading a lot easier since trying to trail stop profits causes stress and worry for a lot of people.
  • We use ITM options which means that we get paid for our progress quickly, getting to 100% deltas or close to it with little work in the underlying stock.
  • This is a great way to trade that feels good.   You’ll see.  Get started and watch the trades go  by.
  • This version of System 5 Signals is our strategic one where we follow multiple stocks and any new hot stock opportunities as they arise.    Later we’ll launch one stock at a time to run as a system. 

How did we know? We’re just following System 5 which just so happened to put out a juicy strategic trade setup.  Signup and you can get signals like these. 

More importantly, there are rumors of EPIC market price action ahead.  You do not want to miss out.  We’ll be having an extra eye out on playing the downside of the markets with options.   Yes, short term ITM options.   

Going ITM may not sound like the most fun but it is.  It’s way more fun when your stock moves and your options are riding 75 to 95 Deltas right away.  So you get the immediate reward for your stocks work.  Vs. trading ATM or OTM (especially short term) where your stock has to work a ton in order to get those juicy profit rolling.   That said, short term OTM options would have worked on this CAT mega trade below.   

We have more work to do on our sales page but don’t get bogged down with that. You can listen to the video explainer and just get started!

 Check Out More Info Here


Awesome New Options Weekly Paychecks Signal Service Has Launched!

Awesome New Options Weekly Paychecks Signal Service Has Launched!

Awesome new options trading signal service rocks the options markets with astounding precision and Powerful High momentum High Point mileage moves for profiting with options. These are the types of moves that you definitely want to be playing with options.

Also we have this signal service fit into a weekly options concept or weekly options paychecks concept in that it seeks to be in and out of a trade within 5 days. 5 days is the number because we just simply get out five days later as for expiration. 

Now I don’t know if you are aware of the significance of just getting out at a pre-scheduled time but it reduces the workload and stress a ton. It makes trading so much more fun and easy. You see, what we do is we simply get in according to our high-precision System 5 options trading signals triggers and then we just set the contingent order to get out five days later before the close.

Having such an easy way to trade the markets will facilitate a lot of people towards being able to actually make trading tradable and enjoyable. Check out more information below.

This could be one of the best things you’ve done. Just imagine looking at the results numbers and having something similar. That could be incredible. Especially when compounded over time as well. And we also will tell you about what types of options you can play right on this site below.

Click on the link to get more information on System 5 Options Trading Signals Service

How to Trade from Home for a Living System Options Weekly Paychecks System T

How to trade from Home for a living. 

Introducing Options Weekly Paychecks System T

100% winning weeks system performance results – check out more info.  Discover System T’s super solid approach for generating consistent cash flow from stocks and options.

Could options weekly paychecks system t be your part time cash flow system for life? Find out more…

Learn more about Options Weekly Paychecks System T.

Discover how to exploit price action tendencies with intraweek trends.

With OWP System T we were looking at developing a system that could squeeze the markets every week to produce out a net profit paycheck, like EVERY single week, like, a dependable paycheck!  That was the goal and we found the solution!  And we’ve invented a method that has been able to do this as per our systems results that you’ll be able to see by clicking for more info.

In a sense, of course all of our Options Weekly Paychecks systems are designed for weekly paychecks but this options weekly paychecks system T pushes the issue further and harder.  This is in comparison to our other Options Weekly Paychecks systems that depend more on an average weekly paycheck concept which also takes advantage of different intraweek trend and swing opportunities as they arise.  But with OWP System T, we “force” the issue of getting that weekly paycheck which enabled us to find the systematic trigger mechanisms for making that happen!

You’re going to love this system.  Come find out more about options weekly paychecks system T.

Discover how you can add an incredible power for generating cash flow to your life.

 And then find out what happens when you start compounding that cash flow!   

Click for more info to get started.  Take action now!

Introducing NEW Options Weekly Paychecks HERKULON6 – Options Weekly Paychecks Powerful Cash Flow System

We have this new way for generating some sweet cash grabbing scores on a regular basis called  HERKULON6 – Options Weekly Paychecks Cash Flow System.   


Here’s an excellent new options trading system for cash flow called HERKULON6.

It’s a micro swing trading system which means it’s a hybrid between swing trading and day trading.  It’ gives a good amount of action but not too much.  So it’s good paced trading!

The nice thing indeed about trading HERKULON6 is the pacing which  is derived from using 2 hour bar trading.

This system gives you the ability to simply pull up a price chart glance at it here and there .  And then you get in and out of trades at sweet spot momentum braking, high momentum breakout points with a high winning percentage and huge profit point collection systems results.  See more from the link below.

 You can trade HERKULON6 – Options Weekly Paychecks Powerful Cash Flow System  with options even short-term weekly options that are in the money somewhat so you can get bigger deltas while having to worry less about premium decay by going in the money somewhat. Also you can just trade the stock. 

You can even trade HERKULON6 at the same time you’re trading Options Weekly  Paychecks System B V2.0. 

Check out more information and some of the performance results we’ve been seeing. The performance results are based on the system rules so that represents what you would be purchasing.

 This HERKULON6  Cashflow micro swing trading system  is a pretty quick learn. So you can be up in a day or two potentially trading for a good living. You just want to learn the system and do the system and nothing else. That’s what a system is designed to do.

Check it out more information through the link below.  I think you’re going to be really excited about the possibility of being able to start to trade for a good living right away. 

And also the possibility of being able to compound your account value which then goes on to compound your position size  so  can make more and more as your account grows is quite exciting.   i.e. Start with 1 contract > grow your account to using 10 contracts per trade > grow your account to using 100 contracts per trade > grow your account so you’re using 1000 contracts per trade and so on..

Check out more info!  Get Started today!   Because every day you let slide on by is another day of potential missed compounded growth of your account!

See More Info Here

Why Do Some People Strategy Trade Better than They Systems Trade? Part I

Why Do Some People Strategy Trade Better than They Systems Trade? Part I

Many traders can do much better as strategy traders than systems traders.  Why?  Well many traders still want “the hunt” involved in the trading process.  They want to be actively engaged in THE GAME.
A systems trader doesn’t want to get involved in “all that” and simply take it easy, doesn’t “strain the brain” – “just take the trades” and be done.  A systems trader doesn’t care about “the game” he just wants the results.
If you’re the strategy trader type  you may want to check out these new approaches.  I think  you’ll like them, a lot.
Now I’m not talking “Options Strategies” such as a “covered call” but I’m talking about trading price strategically, but using options in stead of stock.  (although you could use these price trading strategies on top of an options strategy.
For now check out these newer strategies:

Some Newer Options Trading Strategy Products

ecover-BOLT2-optionsswingtradingstrategy ecover-PANIK3-optiontradingstrategy ecover-NITRO3-optionsswingtradingstrategy ecover-POWDERKEG-optionstradingstrategy
BOLT2 Options Strategy Starter Options Weekly Paychecks Strategy PANIK3 Options Trading Strategy – Precision Strategy NITRO3 Options Trading Strategy – Micro Burst Trading POWDERKEG5 Options Trading Strategy for Power Momentum Moves
Let us know if you have questions or need clarity.

NEW Check Out Our New Trading Coaching – Strategic Mastery & Virtuoso Trader Training Programs

Ingenious Options Trading Setup Provide High Strike Accuracy

Ingenious Options Trading Setup Provide High Strike Accuracy with BOLT2 Options Trading Strategy

Once you’ve been in this game as long as I have you see things out price charts…  it’s almost as if you can see inside of the price chart or behind the price chart. It’s pretty interesting.

That means for you that I can identify opportunities for training that could help you profit on a more regular basis.  That’s nice isn’t it.

You see what we need to do in trading is bring trading into the realm of the cerebral only. Once you do that trade become so much more simple and life in trading becomes much more easy.  Getting emotional and trading, trying to be right or wrong or more right or less wrong is a massive waste of time and energy. Plus it’s just totally counterproductive for profit.  So what’s the use of trading emotionally or trying to trade by instinct? There is no use in trying to do so.

So you really need to think about moving trading to your brain only. Think about that for a while and try to attempt doing it. After a while practice you’ll be able to get good at trading and thinking cerebral leave. Once you make a habit you’ll become far more intelligent and you’ll be able to get a lot more stuff done.

Anyways, get BOLT2 options trading strategy and added to your arsenal of high probability opportunities to make money out of the markets.  I think you’ll be quite glad you did.

Quick Options Profits with BOLT2 Options Strategy?

Quick Options Profits with BOLT2 Options Strategy?

Yes it’s a trade and when are most trades are very quick because we trading micro swing trading strategy. But that’s not the same at the average gains are small!

You can see on the main page the track record results from Google. You see also since we trade on the micro swing level that we can also use short-term weekly options. This allows us to create leverage with lower-priced and higher Delta options.

Now of course when you’re trading options it’s always a battle of time versus movement in the price of the stock. This is why we developed and options trading strategy that is based off of certain momentum triggers that tend to compel the stock to move right away most of the time. So when we combine this intentional price momentum strategy with shorter-term options we can achieve a balance that can lead to Nice gains, often.

That said you want to do some study in your favorite stocks options chains. You need to see if the options tend to respond well to movement in the stock. Sometimes some stocks have bloated, premium healthy options that are not very productive for trading purposes.  So what you find your favorite stock in combination with good options that can give you a nice profit for your average stock micros swing  move then you have to match. Find out more on how you can obtain these types of opportunities with the BOLT2 options trading strategy.  Register below:


All of Your Trading Problems Solved with this ONE Course?

All of Your Trading Problems Solved with this ONE Course?

“Is there a training solution out there that I could just do and be done?”

“I’m looking for a way of trading can make me money consistently over time while keeping losses really low. Plus I want high accuracy because I hate losing”

“I want a way that can absolutely crush it with weekly options”

We hear you.  And don’t almost all of us want the same thing? We certainly do ourselves. So therefore we invented STRIKER Options Weekly Paychecks options trading system.

Here’s a performance sample I want you to take a look at. You can find out more details by registering below and check out the winning percentage.  This represents a five month sample and  three months sample system’s performance Record. It is in months because we are micro swing trading.

Time 5 Months & 1 Week 3 Months and 1 Week
Total Trades 20 16
Win 16 14
Loss 4 2
Winning% 80% 88%

Think a little more about the accuracy of the system.  If you were able to win 8/10 trades where your games were more than your losses on average what happens?

That’s right! Maybe finally you can make that breakthrough of being consistently profitable and options trading

Obviously this is a valuable system. It may only be offered for a limited time. Find out more about the system.


Join the FREE Options Weekly Paychecks Newsletter & Discover How to Add More Weekly Paychecks to Your Life…

Is it Better to Strategy Trade of Systems Trade in Options?

Is it Better to Strategy Trade of Systems Trade in Options?

Well this is certainly a good question. Some of the best traders I know our strategy traders. And some of the greatest traitors of all times are systems traders.

There are big trading companies in banks, institutions that trade Systems exclusively. Why not! The money is there for the taking if they have smart systems developers.

Actually to be successful systems trading you need a certain perspective. You need to take a certain way of looking at the markets. I know a lot of us and developers to get really technical and a try to create some sort of strange blackbox scenario that games of market. Usually these folks have such a low police and the markets or such a low self-esteem that you always look to Game or cheat the markets.  If they could just open our eyes a little and be less bitter you can see that there is very large opportunity to market for those were more fair-minded.

Strategic trading takes some time to perfect. The key to strategic trading is to have a good strategy that has a high winning right. But the other key to becoming a good strategy trader is simplification of focus. You only really need to focus on one stocking with one type of strategy with options.  Then you need to develop correct intuition, Intuition that is able to separate out emotion. This can be difficult but it can be obtained just as Navy SEALs achieve their excellence or ninjas have achieved their status to the past.

I want to show you and options trading system today that will enable you to be a systems trader and a strategic trader at the same time.  This system provides a Strategy that can be used on it’s own or mindlessly repeated for potential high accurate profits as a system.

This system is called STRIKER Options Weekly Paychecks.  To find out more information register below:

Does an 80 to 90% Winning Weekly Option System Sound Appealing?

Does an 80 to 90% Winning Weekly Option System Sound Appealing?

Of course it does! And it’s even better when you see how many potential profit points it can capture on average per trade!

So you’re starting with a small account and you need something highly accurate. In the meantime you want to grow an options trading account big and do it fast. I hear you. That’s why most people get into options trading. Start small and grow big fast.

Well it sounds like a pipe dream having a trading system win with high accuracy and high amount of profit points why can’t it be real? Why not?? 

You see when you’re developing a trading system or strategy, if you have very specific intent on what you want then the means to achieve what you want can sometimes appear out of nowhere. That is what has happened with STRIKER Options Weekly Paychecks micro swing trading system.

If you’re ready to step up your game and aggressively pursue options profits then you want to find out more about STRIKER:


Take Advantage of NADEX Weekly Binary Options with a Simple System

 Take Advantage of NADEX Weekly Binary Options with a Simple System

When it comes to making money in trading, simple is good!

Now I’ve developed several complex systems over the years that can be extremely accurate and profitable but they are complicated to figure out in real time. What we’ve noticed in students overtime is that they tend to have the most success with simple concept systems.

And when I mean simple I mean caveman simple– See– Do.  That’s not meant to be sarcastic or insulting at all. Simplifying to simple can be genius.  But… The problem in trading is that due to bad marketing of others and/or limited resources by the trader in combination with overzealous aspirations from a small trading account most traders want never to lose.  So they get caught up in pursuing 100% winning which leaves them into a wild goose chase. And that desire to never lose usually finds them losing even more! It’s strange how it works.

But if you are fair in your dealings with the market, If you are willing to trade like a normal business where you have revenues and costs with the prospect of netting out of profit then your chances of succeeding increase greatly.  This means if you’re going to take intelligent losses then you stand much greater chance making money overtime. The chase of no losses is a foolish pursuit is ultimately what I’m saying.

Check out what this simple system on NADEX Weekly binary options was able to produce.  The system averages three trades a week with a 163% return per week of the risk amount approximately.

 The trick for this system is to just simply do it I don’t think much about it as strange as that it may sound…


22 Weeks Above
$818.18 Per week on 10 contracts  @ Approx $500 risk per trade although  you can exit a losing trade early. This equal to a 163% return per week on trade size of $500.
$4,090.91 Per week on 50 contracts @ Approx $2500 risk per trade
$8,181.82 Per week on 100 contracts @ Approx $5000 risk per trade


Go here for more info on NADEX Binary System




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Are NADEX Weekly Options Easy to Win?





Enter Your Email to Find Out More About  Options Weekly Paychecks System B V2.0 Trading System Specifically!



 There are several different ways to approach Weekly options at NADEX

You could aim for the big score or simply trade the big swing move of the week and cash out with a High percentage return.

Of course in order to do so you’ll need a strategy, a plan, a trading system that can put you in position to consistently profit each week on average over time.

But the NADEX opportunity is pretty awesome once you understand the possibilities. Frankly, I ignored them for a while. My mistake. They have a fantastic binary option concept that makes trading binary options potentially more safe and profitable at the same time believe it or not.

To make a big score on NADEX all you need to do is clear one tick, one cent or one pip.  You can go out of the money a bit to achieve a higher percentage return or you can get 100% return right at the money!  The at the money offers a 1:1 risk to reward ratio which is far better than a traditional binary broker.  If you go out of the money you could get a $200 risk to $800 return minus spreads and commissions.  Now that’s a fourfold return and you won’t get that with a regular binary broker.

The trick will be identifying A trigger point that will get you in at the right time for the big move of the week. We can show you this through our NADEX binary options trading systems.

And in fact you don’t really need a big move to make 100% on your risk.  You just need to clear a strike price by one tick or pip!

For more info see our NADEX binary option system.

Awesome New Trading Systems for 2015

Awesome New Trading Systems for 2015

I hope you’re getting all of your year end stuff finalized well.  Don’t forget, for many of your, buying a trading system may possibly be a year end tax deduction.  You may want to consider investing in one, especially one of our awesome new systems.  Just sayin’…

We have many new awesome options trading solutions, systems, strategies, courses we’re rolling out that can help many of you out there make 2015 a break out year.

Confession time:  I was wrong about NADEX.  I avoided them for some time since 1. they were terrible at actually explaining what they actually offered and their support stunk before  2. They only had 2 hour binaries.  BUT they’ve been listening of recent and have improved quite a bit.  So I finally got an account a little while back and I was pleasantly surprised!  Actually I was a little stunned.

NADEX is near COMPLETELY different than the average binary broker out there.  Their binaries are a mix of  a straight vanilla, mixed with a credit spread mixed with a binary. And NADEX binaries offer a lot of new opportunity as in mega style opportunity without worries of getting paid fat daily paychecks if you make them!

When my eyes finally opened to NADEX i started seeing MASSIVE opportunity, almost ‘loopholeish’, literally, well at least in terms of how I look at things with my “binary systems brain”.  So I started applying different strategies and systems.  Lo and behold!  I found out that NADEX can be MUCH more profitable with much less risk than a traditional binary broker.

I mean, it’s like this:  you can get 100% payout binary options with a 1:1 risk:reward vs. what 100% risk to 65-75% reward on a traditional binary.  But wait, there’s more !  You can even get 10% risk to 90% reward.  Actually that’s more like a 8 fold, 800% profit on your risk. That said the better probability OTM binary would have a $200 to $300 risk per $1000 full winning, a $800 to $700 profit (minus commissions and spread) per that only $200 to $300 risk.  You don’t believe me do you.  Haha.  Well you’re just going to have to see for yourself.

Anyways I have some SICK binary systems already developed for NADEX adding tweaks to older systems while introducing new concepts as well.

Most importantly with NADEX.  They are American – USA American.  Your account is IRON CLAD and your profit payouts will be of ZERO WORRY.

Anyways.  More to come soon. I’ll be releasing these products one by one.  We also have many other binary and vanilla options systems we are releasing starting this week.

Since we are shifting the focus to a bigger “Online Trading AUTHORITY” concept we’ll have a greater variety of systems across several instruments:

  • New micro swing systems
  • New credit spread systems
  • New nakedoptions systems
  • New FX systems
  • New Stock Systems
  • New ETF Systems
  • New emini futures systems
  • And new binary options systems

The opportunity for you to succeed will be so IMMENSE in 2015 that it’s time to finally have hope in the possibility that YOU could possibly start trading for a living for good.

For starters  more here for the first launch happens here: at Options Weekly Paychecks

Chris K and Team

Reason Why a Trading Business is Better Than Any Other Online Business


Options Trading AUTHORITY Newsletter
Options Weekly Paychecks – OWP Special & Reason Why a Trading Business is Better Than Any Other Online Business

Hello everybody. Here’s a new special.  it’s 70% off of all products on this site.  for http://optionsweeklypaychecks.com/products/

We have a lot of great news training solutions, focus word is solutions, solve the problem, get the job done for the purpose to become DONE with mny  worries.

It’s also time to restore FUN to trading.  Trading when done well can get, well, kind of boring some times.  So we decided to design some systems that aim to be more fun to trade.

 Lifestyle: Have you ever experienced the profitable Traders lifestyle? It’s quite liberating! I speak from experience.

Regarding that topic you see people starting all sorts of online businesses right and left.  But the thing is, when that type of business goes out of style they have to reinvent themselves all over again. Even with  businesses that you see out there that seem stable, they still have to reinvent the way they do things just to stay afloat.

But I’m here to tell you today, right now and into the far future:  you don’t have to do that with trading the markets! Trading the markets is the same today as 50 60 years ago in essence (of course we have all these handy dandy online trading tools these days and online brokers  which have their positive aspects and actually have their negative aspects too by  providing more opportunities for trouble).   And when you base your trading systems  on fundamental price action scenarios that are tied into nature, natural humanity,  the human emotional response,  the buyer-seller mindset..  then you have consistency.

What that means is that you’re going to have a way of running an online business that can have consistency over the years, while other people have to keep changing up and reinventing all the time with their other online businesses.   Think about about that and how powerful trading actually is..

This is why we argue that trading is the greatest business on the planet.  And it’s hidden from most because most people don’t have a clue that you can turn trading into an actual bonafide business. Fortunately for you we take this business solution approach and will begin to teach this concept and approach more more. And fortunately for you we take this approach in our systems development from which you can benefit potentially quite immensely over time.

We actually have some really really good systems on that site. We just never really got into promoting it much. That said we have promoted the Options Weekly Paychecks System B V. 2.0   quite a bit with many students having stunning success as they report to us overtime. And quite frankly there’s really not any excuse to not be successful with  this system in our opinion. There are week after week opportunities, with many weeks providing huge opportunities, huge systematic opportunities, where you don’t think or guess, and no longer will these opportunities keep on passing you by.. Right now is a perfect opportunity to never miss these opportunities again but getting the system.

Also check out the options trading strategies products because they are very powerful.   These are trading strategies where we use options to trade instead of stocks and stock options combination strategies although you could use those too. We never really promoted those in the past much  either but they are very powerful, really good.


BOLT2 Cranks Out 122 Points off Google in 3 Months!

BOLT2 Options Trading Strategy Cranks Out 122 Points off Google in 3 Months!

Now you have to ask yourself what happens if you run BOLT2 options trading strategy all year!

Well to annualize it you simply multiply by four.  That comes out to about 488 the points about 212 options points approximately. This is on Google stock.

Of course is important to see performance of a strategy for system before you buy or trade it. So here’s a glimpse of the power of BOLT2.

Overall BOLT2 options trading strategy is a clear-cut and straightforward strategy that trace micro swings. What’s a micro swing? It’s a momentum move based on intraday bars, and in this case the 60 minute bars.

How can this option strategy help you succeed?

It gives you an exact plan of trading. Plus it also gives you a unique entry and exit strategy that trades the markets in a practical way. Also this is a strategy built with the intention of standing the test of time so it’s good to know it’s not based off with some gimmick concept that others in the marketplace out there tend to do because others look for the “sure thing” Or “guaranteed profits” or other depraved, scamming mentalities that have infested the trading world media and marketing.

Look at the BOLT2 Strategy run as a system (taking all BOLT2 trades regardless run as a System):

oct end 9.4
nov end 2.6
dec end 23.6
122.2  Total Stock Points~Approximately 53 options points which equates to $53,000 on 10 contracts.


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What is BOLT2?

What is BOLT2?


It’s a Micro Swing Strategy where you can use the strategy to potentially pull cash from the options market at a high probability winning percent rate.

It trades 60 min bars on the micro level means that if trades are successful they can be complete in a couple of days.
ecover-BOLT2-optionsswingtradingstrategyHow can BOLT2 help you ? It’s another weapon to use to take advantage of this certain opportunity when it shows up.  You see, you can’t force the markets to do anything but if you know how to read a price chart you can receive cash out opportunities quite often.  And since BOLT2 trades on the micro level you can receive even more opportunities.
Also since BOLT2 does trade 60 min bars, the micro swing level, it gives you better opportunity to have smaller stop losses (via contingent order) while often allowing you to grab more points for profit.
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Check out more info here on BOLT2: http://optionsweeklypaychecks.com/bolt2-options-strategy/

NEW Options Weekly Paychecks Now Open with MANY New Products

Hi and happy new year.  Let’s do something special, something great something butt kicking in 2015.
Let’s step up our game.  Let’s get a little attitude.  Let’s get more aggressive in pursuing our goals.
Success can be a scary thing. But as it has been said, the only thing you should be fearing is fear.    So let’s get rid of fear.  Fear causes loss.  Fear causes use to break out system rules.  Fear causes us to not even get a system or use that system.  Fear causes us to go for the ‘safe bet’ which is always a trap.  It’s time for us to go charge up our energy, conviction and go make happen what we want to make happen.
Ok that’s our pep talk for today.
We’ve released some very powerful systems and now strategies!  We usually don’t release strategies but we want to do so more in 2015 because many of you out there simply will be able to trade a strategy vs. a system. Why? Strategy traders want the freedom to pick what they deem to be the best, most optimized trades.
Yeah those strategies are really good.  And actually all new systems and strategies are priced at introductory launch prices.  So if you want a price break then now is the time to try.
The new products are listed on the main page at optionsweeklypaychecks.com
If you have any questions let us know!  Also sign up for the newsletter as we will be announcing more and giving more details on the Options Weekly Paychecks line of products.

An Aggressive Strategy for Trading Weekly Options?

 An Aggressive Strategy for Trading Weekly Options?


Oh you know you’re looking for one… I mean think about it, what if you could have inaccurate strategy or you could lineup sheet, high Delta weekly options with an extra juicy position size and just crush it!

Now that is fun!

If you’re looking to do so you better have darn good strategy that you can do in a systematic way.  You don’t want to start winging  it with weekly options or also get your tail kicked.

A word of caution: aggressive trading must be highly calculated and risk must be highly acknowledged! Don’t delude yourself thinking you can handle that extra big position size when you can. You have to ask yourself, “What if I lost this whole position amount? How would it affect me?”  And if you’re fine with that then you’re fine with that.

But, through a lot of practice and thought mixed with a highly accurate strategy overtime you can become “NINJA”  as a weekly options trader.  Doing so will take a lot of virtual trading and tiny position size trading. Do not dive in with full position sizing! If you do you will cause psychological damage when you make a mistake that could take you a long time to get over.  So be smart. Keep it simple.  And get good at your craft.

Now in terms of a weekly options system they may want to consider check out STRIKER Options Weekly Paychecks options trading system.  This system has potential to give you the potential accuracy for an aggressive style.  For it is much better to have a strategy and plan in place that has been well figured out versus winging it.  Plus save yourself months, years and maybe even decades trying to figure out a system on your own.  For more information register below:



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Pin Point Explosive Precision with THIS Micro Burst Trading System

Pin Point Explosive Precision with THIS Micro Burst Trading System

Most traders in options trading are strategy traders. That means A strategy trader looks to hone in on the best trades only in order avoid losses. The strategy trader tries to keep costs as low as possible while maximizing profit through the use of the rules of the strategy mixed with a little intuition.

STRIKER Options Weekly Paychecks System can also be used as a strategy. STRIKER can be used strategically to hone in on the biggest moves when combined with other big move indicators. So just imagine going for big moves only. If you get good at doing so then your account can potentially grow at superior rates over time.

When you’re trading options you want high momentum trades so you can leverage those options while dealing with Time decay.   STRIKER Options Weekly Paychecks provide you such trading setups. Look at the image below and you can see some of these set ups.




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100 Percent Binary Options Payouts On NADEX?

 100 Percent Binary Options Payouts On NADEX?

Yes it’s true!

What is a 100% payout anyways?   It 100% payout means that if you win your binary options position by expiration you’ll get for-profit a 100% return on the amount of money risk. Now that’s really good return!

Of course if you lose the position expiration you lose all that you risked.  That said with NADEX You have far more control over that risk vs. traditional binary options brokers.  How? Well you can simply exit your binary option position if it goes against you for smaller loss.  For example if your price chart set up headache stoploss point you could simply go and close out your binary options position so you could take, say 30% loss instead of a 100% loss.

Now NADEX binary options are very different than the traditional binary option.  When I talk about a one to one the risk to reward I am talking about an ATM position, or pretty close to at the money.

But hope you understand that compared other binary options brokers a 1:1 risk to reward ratio is excellent. In fact you can get an even better risks to reword ratio but I’ll save that for another post.  Most binary options brokers have a 100:65-75% risk to reward ratio.  Over many trades this adds up big time.

That’s said we have a NADEX binary option system for you to check out today.  This system deals with NADEX Weekly binary options.

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Are You Willing to Learn Simple Trading Systems & Stay Simple?

Do you know what a system is?
Well maybe different people have different ideas of what a system is. But let’s look at a system is from the business world’s perspective. In a business, a system is a set of rules of operation are treated very seriously and the system is usually enforced throughout hierarchy of the company in traditional business.  Sometimes that system is put into one big operations manual so the employees of the business can simply look at the manual and do what it says thereby taking actions that can put the business and a good probability position for succeeding, based on past performance of doing those actions.
A system is a pre-figured out set of rules designed to help provide a more consistent outcome and dependable result.
In trading we developed these trading systems because of the nature of the markets and how they move and the nature of the markets in terms of our interactions with the marketplace. If you’ve done much reading about other traders historically in their success and failure stories you’ll realize that there’s a lot more to the markets than just entering an exiting trades by feel.  There are many more dynamics involved in trading and those dynamics usually trip up most people. But those people usually have not learned how to trade correctly nor are they running a simple system.
And so these trading systems are designed to take all the complexity of analyzing the markets in real-time of these and the emotions out of trading so an individual has a simple set of rules so they can simply execute those rules and potentially produce a lot of profit over time for potential extraordinary trading account growth.
You can get started with a trading system for stocks or options right here.  The systems are in the Options Weekly Paycheck style and are very solid and well thought out.  You could potentially do very well with the simple execution of one of these systems over time.

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