Weekly Options for Income

Weekly Options for Income


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You Can Use Weekly Options for Income in Many Different Ways & We Have Many Different Solutions on Options Weekly Paychecks for Using Options to Target Generating a Weekly Income

Weekly options for income:  there are different approaches for trading weekly options for income. Obviously, this website Options Weekly Paychecks is about trading weekly options for income.  Now you don’t have to use weekly options, you can use options that are out further in time if you want in order to mitigate premium decay.  But longer term options with their low deltas can get annoying since they don’t really move very much as compared with short term weekly options.

If you know how to trade weekly options, the right way, then premium decay isn’t that big of a deal.  And when I’m talking about dealing with premium decay as a problem I am talking about buying calls and buying puts. And the big money return is in the buying of calls and the buying of puts. Other than that there are multiple other options strategies, meaning an options combination strategy, that you can use although those strategies usually are associated with limited income, limited rewards.

You can use weekly options for selling naked options and we have many weekly options systems that you could use with naked options. You can use our systems here, for the most part, on Options Weekly Paychecks in order to trade weekly options for the weekly options for income by selling weekly options.

When you sell weekly options, the advantage is that you get the most premium with the most rapid premium decay. That means you make money faster. This also means you can pinpoint swing trade moves and micro swing moves in order to take advantage of the short term, weekly option even the same week weekly option in order to get that rapid, premium decay.

When seling weekly options you want ride the momentum as indicated by a good weekly options system or weekly options strategy so you can sell a further in the money weekly option.  You want to make extra profit points and get out with much more profit by selling naked weekly options this way, versus how other people sell weekly options which is out of the money, hoping that the stock doesn’t surpass the strike and so on and so forth. That old school way of selling weekly options is really lame and should be avoided. You should always look to sell weekly options in combination with a price action based momentum trading method, weekly options trading system or weekly options strategy in our opinion.

  • Also you can use credit spreads for generating weekly options income.
  • You can use debit spreads for using weekly options for income.
  • You can just trade our various momentum methods based on our trading systems that you can see on this site and buying calls and buying puts for weekly options for income.
  • And, quite frankly the potential to make a lot of income from weekly options is possible and probable, as you can see from our various systems performance over time.

If you want more information about how to trade weekly options for income, you can contact us and ask us what systems will fit the best for what you want to do. Or you can look at our various products descriptions on this site. To get more details check out the links below.

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