Weekly Options Trading Incredible Opportunities

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Weekly Options Trading Offers Incredible Opportunities if You Know What You’re Doing

So the question is:  how do you get to a point where you know you doing with weekly options? Well first you have to learn mechanics of how options work particularly with the short-term weekly options. Secondly youneeds it learn how to trade weekly options and coordinate your entries and extis with a price chart so you can develop or find a way to take repeated, high probability trades for netting out of profit on a consistent basis.

Yes,you need repeatable weekly options trading methods that have a high probability of winning and a good winning percentage. You need a method that you can repeat over and over that has had a historical consistency to producing a very good result on average.

What is “on average”?  The money, the big money in trading, and with trading weekly options,  is in the systematic progression of the series of trades. A lot of amateur traders follow  their emotions, their feelings and they’re looking for the market to give them emotional support while they don’t realize the markets are their enemyies trying trick them and mug them of their money!

They think the marketplace is like their parents, there to give them free money, food and presents. They can’t imagine anyone being mean to them. So they expect the marketplace the nice and give them free money.  But they donn’t understand that the marketplace is an abuser that will beat you up over and over and will never be nice to them. And just as a psychological analysis of abuse victims has explained, the abuse victems going back to the abuser looking for some hope of approval and do not want to relinquish the belief that some people are just bad or they are trapped in a bad mindset, and that they don’t really care about you. 

That’s rough for a lot of people to get past which is why many stories of successful traders over time usually recount about how they had to lose their trading accounts several times over before they finally gave up looking for sympathy, realizing marketplace was there to steal their money and that they would start doing smart strategic trading principles instead, in order to no longer let the marketplace mug them.

Also… amateur traders they think that after they win one trade then it’s “working for them”. They then look to ride a supportive confirmation from the marketplace and don’t realize the marketplace setting them up for a series of losses snookering them out of a large amount of money if not all of it. It is a pathetic sight to see yet that it happens most traders. And arguably most everyone has to go through this learning process. Yes indeed everyone has to go through the learning process in life learning that not everything is good and not everyone is looking out for you. That seems to the a life lesson down here in 3D the earth.

So by having the perspective that the marketplace is there to take all your money and run, you have to then accept that and deal with it, do something about it. And what you can do is get a very good weekly options trading strategy or a very good weekly options trading system that you master and then put them to work smartly and consistently over time. 

You also have to have smart position sizing as you trade your system, your strategic approach to trading. 

Money is made in the series of trades.  And don’t forget that. Successful trading is just like any business. So even if you are a strategy trader, you need to be systematic about it. 

So the key the success in trading is is to use common sense:  get good at a repeatable trading approach for weekly options.  Study, practice then start trading small with it.  Prove that method to yourself.  Then after you have tested the method and feel, that you have all the questions answered go forward and then start putting on normal position sizes that are appropriate for your account size and 80 your current confidence in your ability to trading system or strategy correctly.

Do understand that if you are going to be a strategy trader you have to keep that in a systematic way in order to make money over time. It’s very easy to lose focus as a weekly options strategy trader. If you trading weekly on system well, that could be easy. When you turn a profitable weekly options system into I have to then you have something very powerful.

Of course we have many powerful trading systems on this site that can use weekly options. Most of the systems on this site use very short term trades perfect for short term weekly options, particularly because we target micro swing level of trading mostly on this site. So that means you could use weekly options for dramatic profits when they high accuracy higher winning percentage weekly options trading system.

Check out our various options weekly paychecks trading systems that you can use with weekly options.

You can use them to help you develop your own plan for building cash flow and compounding that cash flow over time to potential very large networth by turning your profitable systems trading into a habit while growing your position size as your account grows.

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