What's a Good System on Options Weekly Paychecks for a Beginner

What’s a Good System on Options Weekly Paychecks for a Beginner

What’s a Good System on Options Weekly Paychecks for a Beginner? Well here is one in that it helps with giving you a very clear identifiable entry stop loss point and profit taking exit. It can also put in a lot of profit points itself.

Now here’s a shot at some of the text on the sales letter for STRIKER and you can see here some track record update for example on QQQ whereas in 2 months and 3 weeks strike was able to pull in 145.7 profit points.

What’s a profit point? It’s just the point in the stock the ETF in this case where for example QQQ goes from 100 to 101. That’s a profit point.

Update: Here are some recent incredible results: QQQ   November 2021 start  + 3.9 + 1.2 -1.7 + 14.21 + 2.8 + 10.6 + 2.75 + 4.6 + 2.8 + 9.2 -2.6 + 4.1 + 1.7 -1.8 + 21.9 + 9.7 + 7.8 + 1.6 -3.2 + 21.4 -3.8 + 22.3 -3.2 + 19.5  =+145.7  stop January 21st 2022 That’s just 2 months and 3 weeks!


Check this out : let’s annualize these QQQ profit points. So it took a little say three months because it’s 2 months and 3 weeks and so 12 months / 3 = 4. We have 145.7 profit points during that time so four times 145.7 = 582.8 profit points which on QQQ is just ridiculous.

I don’t know if you know QQQ but if any QQQ Traders out there sees this they would agree that this amount of profit points is absolutely mind-boggling and incredible.

And you can see some other performance samples on the STRIKER page which are a bit older yet we like to leave the older samples up because they show that the system has worked very well over time.

Once you can find the system that has worked well year after year after year you have found gold actually you found a gold mine,  actually you have found a money printing press as tacky is that may sound.

Good trading systems are like fine wine; if they age well they become more valuable.

So anyways as I scroll through this page we really need to be this up and updated because this sales page presentation page does not do the system Justice. This STRIKER options weekly paycheck system is so good we better fix this up because we don’t want any of you guys to miss out on it who really want to do super well in they’re trading and who want to start well, and starting off on the right foot is super important.

Speaking of starting well this is very important in trading. Why so? Because you don’t want to create emotional damage that can interfere with your trading success into the future. Also you don’t want to create Financial damage by getting into some system that you just never learn that may be is too hard for you maybe it’s just not a good fit for your person.

So you want a system that is a easy to trade,  that goes with the good flow of things, that feels good to trade, that’s very clear to to see in order to trade meaning that your entries, your stop losses and your profit taking exit mechanism is very clear.

Also the whole visualization of being able to see your setup come about allows you to get better prepared to be ready to enter when you need to enter.  This is very important and your entries and exits are very clear with STRIKER Options Micro Swing Trading System. So this means that you can very clearly be ready and be able to identify when you have a new trade.

So if you’re interested in getting started off well with a very good solid High Precision style of trading system, an options trading system that can help you start out on the on the right foot,  system that can help you get started WELL then I would definitely use STRIKER.

If you’re looking for a way to make money,  to add an extra income stream, to start a new business as in a trading business (which is the best type of business there is once you do it right), if you’re looking for a new way to potentially make a lot of money then you’ll want to learn STRIKER as well so you should be able to see a link below for more information otherwise go to options weekly paychecks.com.

STRIKER Options Weekly Paychecks System


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