Why Do Some People Strategy Trade Better than They Systems Trade? Part I

Why Do Some People Strategy Trade Better than They Systems Trade? Part I

Many traders can do much better as strategy traders than systems traders.  Why?  Well many traders still want “the hunt” involved in the trading process.  They want to be actively engaged in THE GAME.
A systems trader doesn’t want to get involved in “all that” and simply take it easy, doesn’t “strain the brain” – “just take the trades” and be done.  A systems trader doesn’t care about “the game” he just wants the results.
If you’re the strategy trader type  you may want to check out these new approaches.  I think  you’ll like them, a lot.
Now I’m not talking “Options Strategies” such as a “covered call” but I’m talking about trading price strategically, but using options in stead of stock.  (although you could use these price trading strategies on top of an options strategy.
For now check out these newer strategies:

Some Newer Options Trading Strategy Products

ecover-BOLT2-optionsswingtradingstrategy ecover-PANIK3-optiontradingstrategy ecover-NITRO3-optionsswingtradingstrategy ecover-POWDERKEG-optionstradingstrategy
BOLT2 Options Strategy Starter Options Weekly Paychecks Strategy PANIK3 Options Trading Strategy – Precision Strategy NITRO3 Options Trading Strategy – Micro Burst Trading POWDERKEG5 Options Trading Strategy for Power Momentum Moves
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