Weekly Paychecks FAQ

1. How much do I need to trade?

Ultimately, you can start with whatever you can afford. We don’t want you to start with too much money anyway, in case you make mistakes. Start small and get comfortable with the system. If you want a figure, $10,000 is fine, and stick with one stock. Also, we don’t want you to trade more than one stock because we don’t want you to flip in and out of too many trades within a day, or your broker will require you to have $25,000 for the pattern day trader rule. If under $25,000, just never get in and out of a stock option before the close more than three times within five business days. Ask your broker for their exact rules. If you are reaching the limit, then do not cross it and simply hold the position overnight. Once you have over $25,000 in your account, there are no worries. That said, it’s rare that you will ever encounter three intraday ins and outs trading one stock, so it’s not a big worry.

Best practices: 1. Start with a demo account. Your broker will have one, or go to cboe.com. 2. Start with 1 contract, or now micro contracts—the smallest amount—and get used to trading correctly. 3. Then gradually bring your position size up to a normal size as indicated by our money management systems included in your home study course.

2. Am I guaranteed to make money?

Firstly, if you’re asking if you’re in the wrong business, You may want to consider a marketing business or an affiliate business where they talk about guarantees of your success. Maybe you’ve heard too many messages giving you false hope of a guarantee of success. Firstly, no one is supposed to guarantee your success by law, and secondly, life doesn’t work that way. If you haven’t been successful in training in an online business yet, a possible root cause may be that you are looking for some kind of Crystal Ball guarantee. This is the same syndrome as the Holy Grail” syndrome, where you are chasing 110%  success.It’s another form of fear. You need to wake up from that.

We sell real trading systems that involve real risk. A real trading system gives you a good chance at potential future success. It’s all about chance—taking the best chance we can because no one can predict the future exactly. And it’s a total waste of time to try.

And yes, you could possibly make a FORTUNE with our systems. In the meantime, you could run a solid system and put yourself in a very good position to make consistent, ever-growing money over time. In order to achieve that, you’ll have to take a chance, a gamble, or a high probability bet that a trading system or trading strategy could give you potential future success. And after saying all this, if you’re still looking for some sort of future guarantee, then sorry, this trading site is not for you. We are looking to work with those who are grounded in reality and want to grow a real and solid trading business.

3. How many trades per week will I be doing on your systems?

Up to five trades per week are allowed. Some weeks, just one trade.

4. Is this software?

No, this is a home study course that teaches you the system and how to successfully trade it. The home study courses are in video format. You can access it online.

5. How long will it take me to learn how to trade your options trading systems?

It will take you a day to go through the videos. Then you’ll need to practice trading the system. You can do so historically by going back in time on your charts and pretending like you are in real time by moving the chart forward with the red arrow key. Or you can paper trade in real time. You can use a virtual trading platform, such as CBOE.com. Ultimately, you’ll need to trade with real money, starting small and staying small for a while until you get the hang of simply executing the system.

6. Do I need to watch the markets all day long?

No. You will need to glance at your charts a couple of times a day. You will be trading intraday bars, so you will have to be able to glance at your charts here and there throughout the day, but you do not have to stare at the screen all day! Actually, it is preferred to not watch the markets too much. The less you watch the markets, the better. Why? Because hypnotic price action from the markets is the way the markets convince us to do dumb things, forever all the marketplace wants to take Armani just as well as we want to take its money.

7. What other purchases are required, if any?

You will need real-time charts. Esignal.com/Interactive Data, freestockcharts.com (some say it’s pretty good and it’s free), DTNIQ, etc.

8. Is this a signal service? Do you send me signals?

No. We are selling trading system home study courses that teach you how to trade for life, giving you a plan to potentially trade for a very good living. You will be too old to generate your own signals from our systems. And you will be able to trade whatever stock you want.

9. Will I make money right away?

Possibly, although we cannot make your promises. See the disclaimer verbiage… It depends on what the market is giving out for that week. But the secret is to not worry about ‘winning and losing’ or trying to predict the market, or hit it big instantly. The secret is to focus on executing the system without thinking much about it. The system takes care of the potential ‘hitting it big’ part. That is how it’s designed to work over time while helping keep you from getting conned by the market place through your emotions into doing the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

10. Is this day trading?

No, this is micro-swing trading, where we are looking to hold positions overnight for 1 to 5 days max.

11. Are their refunds?

No, please read the terms. We are willing to help you become successful, though. We can also adjust systems to meet your needs or, in the worst case, completely replace the system if it becomes impossible for you to trade due to other circumstances at our discretion.

Also, you need to treat this as if you are taking a chance with positive expectations, as you would treat a trade. Fortunately, our systems are awesome, as proven by many students. We have not met one unhappy customer today, and no one has ever even asked for a refund. So it’s a non-issue. Also, we need to protect the system for you and can’t let freeloaders try to abuse it as they have in the past. If a system is not working out for you, you may contact us for help after you’ve gone to the system three times with the notepad, writing down observations and questions. You may ask us to clarify points or suggest that we do part of the system better, etc. We always look to improve. We will make extra videos to explain, add clarity videos, and add them to the course if necessary. And if it gets to a point where we agree that you would do better off in another system, we can put you in another system, which will be more appropriate at our discretion. We want to help you become successful. It is in our interest. That said, you also have to work and follow instructions regarding execution, learning, and practicing the system.

12. Do you support your product?

Yes, of course. Our goal is to help you become wealthy with our systems. Try us! You’ll see that we’ll even push you to trade correctly while expanding your trading goals. We want you on our trading Hall of Fame wall! Really. We have a method for you to learn and master the system. Plus, we will be happy to add additional videos and explanations on your product access page to clarify trading in the system for your reference. You may access this support system from your product back office access page.

13. Can I make a living with Options Weekly Paychecks Systems?

In short, we make trading systems to give you the potential to sincerely and seriously put yourself in a position to average a weekly paycheck for your income. We also provide direction for potentially compounding returns over time through consistent execution of the system and a solid money management system.

Also, we don’t know if you’re going to learn the system, practice it, get it down to earth, and then actually trade it in a consistent way. But if you do, I would say that there is a good deal of possibility that you could trade these systems for a very good living. We can’t predict the future, and weekly price behavior will change and cycle continually, but these systems were built off of solid price action principles designed to stand the test of time. Since these systems have performed consistently well in the past, we ‘place our bets’ that they will likely perform in a similar way in the future. (although past results are not necessarily indicative of future results, as the disclaimer below will explain in full.)

14. Is this risky?

In short, yes. So is driving. So is marriage. So is opening your own business. So is working for an employer who can fire you anytime.

I’m afraid if you’re asking, you don’t understand the opportunity and how to trade the markets in a serious way. That is understandable due to the never-ending hype and nonsense by ignorant people on TV and the Internet. Since they’re too lazy to learn how to trade well, they tend to treat trading as a gimmick. Yet they keep working their commentary jobs. In the meantime, you learn how to become a good trader who treats trading as seriously as one would a brick-and-mortar retail business or even your job.

We go nowhere in life without taking risks. But in order to win in life, you need to take smart risks and high-probability risks. The same applies to trading. In trading, you need a very organized approach and a plan of action for all times while you are in the market. You need to know whether you should be in or out, with what options position and what size of trade.

And if you totally know nothing about trading, you’ll have to learn. It’s not that hard, nor does it take that much time (unless you make it hard due to a lack of focus). You will have to learn trading well, just like you have to learn anything well in life. Fortunately, what you need to know in trading can be learned relatively quickly if you follow an expert. You’ll need to learn how to avoid the many pitfalls of trading. In the meantime, you will need to learn the proper actions you should be taking. But if you don’t learn well, if you start winging it, if you start trading emotionally, if you start braking system rules, you could lose a lot of money fast in trading options. But you know that. On the other hand, if you learn to trade well, you could potentially make a lot of money fast too. So in conclusion, get educated and do a lot of practicing of correct trading actions. Learn how to trade well mentally and emotionally. You could put yourself in a position to succeed mightily.

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