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Options Strategy Courses

  • covered callsCovered Calls Mastery – Transform a fairly mediocre strategy into something powerful. Learn all about Covered Calls and how to potentially start profiting significantly while protecting your stock investment.
  • naked putsNaked Puts Mastery – Fears and worries about Naked Puts SOLVED. Naked Puts now has become a powerful networth building strategy. Learn about the pitfalls of the past and understand Naked Puts so you can trade them well and not succumb to dumb strategy ideas that seem to pop up often with naked puts.
  • naked callsNaked Calls Mastery – Naked Calls fears and worries are now solved. Turn naked call selling into a flexible, powerful networth building strategy that can be more safe than owning stock.
  • credit spreadsCredit Spreads Mastery – a popular concept, generally a mediocre strategy or even a dangerous strategy as taught by popular options marketers that is now turned into very good strategy with our strategic twists. Learn how to properly structure a trade and when to place a trade for the sake of profitability, stacking cash gain after cash gain.
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