Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 – The Core – Simplified System for Capturing a Weekly Average Paycheck… 

Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 is a Long Time Student Favorite to Use for Trading for a Living, Easy to Trade, Simple in Approach, Doable & Exciting Method Unveiling Trading Profit Opportunity After Opportunity Right Before Your Eyes, Week After Week.

Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 is a Must Have, Must Always Be Running Type of Trading System with Options or Stock.  Turn This System into a Habit & Start Compounding Today!  Because Even One Day of Missed Compounding is a Terrible Thing to Waste…

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Simple is Better in Trading Psychology, to Help Put You in a Better Position to Win and to Get You to Actually Keep Trading a Good System Well into the Future, Even Turning it into a Near Automatic Habit

We’re bringing back the focus to Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 – The Core on Options Weekly Paychecks.   People need focus these days.  They need simplicity.  Everyone needs focus in general in order to make the progress necessary for success in trading.

Everyone needs focus to establish their first stream of cash flow. And Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 – The Core  brings a more solid, stable, long time proven method, approach to trading, that you can verify yourself on price charts of decades past.

Also this is a system that many people jived with overtime. It’s a fun system with many magical like surprises that can be extremely exciting and invigorating as the markets make their weekly cycle progress and surprise you with strong profit weeks and epic prophet weeks from time to time.

Here’s a picture of how Options Weekly Paychecks System B 1.0 Operates:

CAT Performance Sample 2023 Options Weekly Paychecks System B 1.0 – CAT  November through December 2023 2 Month Recent Example to the Point of This Typing.  

+ 1.12 – 3.48 +10.81 + 0.63 + 5.81 +3.77 +22.18 -3.19 + .36 -.48 = +37.55 Total which = +4.69 per week for an average paycheck of $4,690 1000 shares of stock points or options with equivalent deltas , per week, weekly paycheck average trading the simple 1.0 method. 

With Options Explained:

  • 1000 shares of stock is 10 contracts in options.  
  • To get tick for tick movement in that option, just like the stock, your option has to be in the money at 100% deltas. 
  • Delta simply means change or rate of change of  your option price as it is following its stock price.  So CAT options for CAT stock.  CAT – Caterpillar Inc that company with the big Earth moving equipment.
  • You could buy deeper in the money options strikes.   Or you could buy at the money, moderately in the money or out of the money.  If you go for out of the money you usually would buy options with expirations further out in time or you would be expecting a big move. 
  • If you bought at the money “ATM” then to get 100 deltas from the start you buy 20 contracts.  But… if your stock goes up nicely you start making more than the stock.  So lets say CAT went up 10 points and your deltas are now at 70 (70 out of 100).  So 2×70 = 140.  So now if the stock makes 10 points for $10,000 profit on 1000 shares, your 20 contracts make 14 points or $14,000 while having a MUCH smaller holding cost vs 1000 shares. 
  • If the stock goes against you your total risk is limited to what you put into options but also options loss slows down, it gets slower and slower, smaller and smaller as a stock goes against you which is nice.
  • For the total trading for a living trading as a business picture  you just need to get a position size that works out math wise week after week.  Every week is going to be a different price action story but many weeks will be very similar.  So in the end, making money in trading over time is a math game.  And professional businesses focus on the math game!

And keep in mind that Options Weekly Paychecks System B 1.0 has been doing this same profitable thing year after year since 2009 and before that too with historical data.  This system was made, published around 2009. 

  • 1,000 shares of stock would have meant $4,690.  Then you pick your options time to expiration, strike/deltas accordingly.  You could trade other lower-priced stocks; Caterpillar is at around $290 per share right now. But, of course, you can use very low-priced options.
  • What you want to do is look at an option chain.
  • Your duration of trade is one week for most trades. The standard picture-perfect trade lasts from Monday to Friday. Some trades may last only a couple days. Usually there is one trade per week, but sometimes there can be two or three, with a maximum of three trades.
  • Depending on the options you use, if you use an at-the-money option further out of time to minimize any time decay, then your delta would be roughly .4 to .44 on average near the at-the-money price action, and of course your delta increases as you go further in the money on a big run. On 10 contracts, your weekly paycheck would have been approximately $1,876 approximately..  But often, when one goes out further in time, ATM or OTM, they compensate for the lower deltas with extra contracts. If so, then they could buy 20 contracts or 25 contracts to offset a .4 delta. So therefore, bringing that weekly paycheck average back to approximately $4,690 But if there were some good deep ITM runs, then those deltas could increase, even going to.7,.8, or.9 if it was even tick for tick if it was a huge run.
  • We used a .4 delta instead of a standard .5 delta to factor in premium decay, roughly. The amount of premium decay will be proportional to how close you are to expiration. The closer you are to expiration, the faster the rate or premium decays. You can offset much of the premium decay issue by going moderately ITM to further ITM on short-term options. Shorter-term options can offer more profits faster. But if you need to stop, then the delta is a bit higher too. In short, you can use short-term, medium-term, or longer-term options, mix and match deltas vs. premium decay, and find your sweet spot that you like over time to make the maximum average payout on the stock you like to play.
  • Also, remember that this system, at its core, is a stock trading system. You can also not need to deal with options and just trade stocks. You can find lower-priced stocks and just trade them with these excellent, long-proven options. Weekly Paychecks System B.1.0
  • Or you can go shorter term, much shorter term, and just go further in the money where you have a high delta so you make more when you profit, although we don’t want to go too far in the money because then we have too big of a position with high deltas that can also go the other way against us. Shorter term in the money options moderately in the money, and your delta is .7 on average: on 10 contracts, your position would have been a $3,280 weekly paycheck, and if you used 20 contracts, your weekly paycheck would have been $6,560 extra income.
  • Of course, you can use as many options as you want. I don’t know how much money you’re starting with, but let’s just say you use 100 contracts with a 7 delta. If that were the case, then your weekly paycheck average would have been approximately $32,800 in this example.


Now Wait A Minute, Aren’t You Going Backwards By Bringing Out Options Weekly Paychecks System B 1.0 again versus version 2.0?

Now that’s a good and interesting question, isn’t it? What we’ve noticed over time is that a lot of people have personalities who just want to be simple and fun. They want trading to be like a game or playing a video game, and they want something simple and fun.

Yes, on average, the likelihood of making more money goes up with version 2.0. But if a person only wants to trade a more caveman or cavewoman simple system, and if they’re only going to stick with such a simple system, then version 1.0 will be better and will make more money because they will actually trade it.

It’s astounding these days how people can just throw away a good thing because they simply can’t focus. They don’t have a better picture of things. They get too caught up in the now, panic of things, social media, and those stupid cell phones, which have become, in my opinion, a disaster for society.

Use Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 as a Stock Trading System or an Options Trading System.

Trading as a stock trading system is nice because you don’t have to deal with premium decay and which option to pick each week.

  • You get tick-for-tick point-for-point profit. You also get tick for tick to point for a point risk to your stop loss point. It’s easier to set stop losses and buy stops or sell short stops to enter.
  • It’s considered lower-risk in that you would just use 100% cash with no leverage.
  • Some people can’t handle options due to emotional instability or a variety of other different types of soul damage.

If you use options, this could be great, and if you use smart options position sizing, you could grow an account and compound the profits.

  • The key to option success is buying the right amount of calls or puts.
  • People who have not done well with using options in the past usually screwed up and traded too big on average or on emotional dumb ideas where they put way too much money in one position, usually losing well then trying to panic and make it back spiraling down into a toilet bowl flush of their account.

It will be nice to make a lot of money with options and then move to 100% cash stock trading of the system to provide a greater feeling of stability.

There is one other point where options do come ahead if you have good position sizing, and this is when there are surprise moves against you or for you.

  • If there’s a big surprise move against you in a stock, well, you’re going to eat all those points in an overnight move.
  • Of course, if it goes in your favor, well, that’s easy; you make a nice surprise game.
  • With options, your risk is limited to what you put in those options, and that’s it.
  • Also with options, as the price goes against you, when you are making long calls or puts, the delta’s slowing down, which means you lose money at a slower and slower rate, which is good.
  • And you can really get a huge percent gain when you get an overnight pop that goes in your favor—for example, the cv testimony of “LH” below who made $240,000 in a week after the call option she bought at one went to 25 approximately on some good news in the stock she was playing.

With options, you can play low-priced stocks, middle-priced stocks, or high-flyers. Low-priced stocks usually have very good delta-cheap options that you can play fairly easily if you go in the money somewhat.

Medium-priced stocks, which one could say are between 70 and 200, can put in some nice bread and butter moves. You just have to see how well the options are priced in terms of how well they will pay you for your average bread and butter move on that underlined stock.

Then you have the high flyers, where the high flyers have more expensive options, but if they can put in 20, 40, or 60 points in a week and do so on a fairly frequent basis, then a lot of money can be made as the underlying stock bolts past your strike price deep into the money.


Trade Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 & Don’t Stop!

So I hope you’re getting a better picture of how the system could work for you in the long term. I can’t say forever, but maybe forever if you can remember it wherever you go after this realm. The point is that once you learn the system and study it historically, you’re going to see how doing such a smart yet simple approach to trading consistently over time has the very real ability to make you an immense fortune, like real fortunes.  Consistency is key.  Just turn trading Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 into a habit and it will be like it’s nothing, it will feel “like it’s nothing”, like no effort and that can be a great place to be for the sake of developing trading account growth over time. In other words, doing a trading method over and over, systematically, consistently, habitually, that puts your trading account in a good position for steady growth over the years can potentially lead to immense wealth building out into the future.  But how many people actually think this way?  Maybe you could be one that does.

I hope you can see the value of Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0.  Because one day, Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 may be gone.   We could decide to just pull the system back, stop this info teaching biz and just keep growing massive trading companies. 

Most people in the markets shouldn’t be in the markets.

They are in the market for fun, games, and excitement and really don’t want to be bothered by what it takes to succeed in trading, although, that said, it’s really not that hard.

Now, treating the market as fun and games can actually be a good thing  if you’re going to treat it as an actual game that you want to enjoy, that you want to become good at playing. So in that case, maybe like a video game or a sport, one would practice, learn new skills and really get to know the game so that they become very good at playing that game.  And at that point, playing that game can become very enjoyable, even a passion.

And if you want to enjoy trading, obviously you’re going to have to become successful at trading; otherwise, failing at trading is certainly no fun, and it gets very expensive. Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0, you could say, is a fun system, and if you treat it like a game that’s fun to play. Just get started learning the “game” of playing the game of Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 even into a passion.  Doing so could become a very enjoyable thing to do and likely oh so profitable out into the future.

And if you can turn trading Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 into a habit on one stock or several of the same stocks over time successfully, then you could have a very powerful, self-empowering super habit. And with consistent application, this habit could and very likely could empower you to become very wealthy over time, especially if you use basic position compounding, where you increase your position size in proportion to the increased size of your trading account.

Here are a Couple Success Stories from Over Time

When you get your own Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 Success stores please send them in to inspire others too: 

Some unsolicited customer feedback regarding some of their experience with Options Weekly Paychecks System B: (I told you that our stuff is the real deal!)

Mike Tells Us How He Moved His Account from $30,000 to $500,000 and Gives Us the Exact Day He Plans to Hit $1,000,000, Which is Within 7 Months…

May, 2010

“I just made back the entire cost of the system in my first two positions that were half orders. I bought puts on IBM and BBY yesterday late in the morning and cashed out this morning for a quick double on both of them. The thing is, had I gone normal size ($3,000 per order), I would have made $6,000, but I am learning, so I went small. Very nice way to start; I really like the system! Thanks again!


Michael”… 5 Days Later…

“All anyone wants is a good, simple system for making money (by the way, I made $13,000 this morning and cashed out).

If you give us the meat of the system, short and sweet, with enough explanations,. Aug. 18 Update regarding a clever tweak done using this system:… . I should have turned $30,000 [started in May of the same year] into $1,000,000 by December 13th just using that system, so I will definitely keep you updated.



LH makes $240,000 in one week…

Aug, 2010:

“I just wanted to let you know that System B caught that potash move this morning! I am rich!!!!!

Thank you so much for giving me this freedom! I don’t know how to express my gratitude! I hope someday I can repay your kindness for sharing this system!”


I ended up buying 100 contracts at 1.22 and got out at 25.30. I slightly broke some money management rules, but not that bad. 100 contracts is a lot for me, but I just got so tired of being a wuss and being scared all the time, and I figured I just had to do it. I’m definitely feeling the “crack high,” but I’m completely out of the position. I’ve been doubting the system and maybe my ability to trade the system for awhile, thinking that it was too good to be true. I now (finally!) have to accept that this system works. I was worried it was all a scam in the beginning! I have listened to all of Chris’s audios, so I remember him saying to own some stuff and pay off debts.

I just have to pay off my car, and I will put the rest in the bank. You can use whatever testimonial you would like. You guys are amazing, and I’m so thankful for this good fortune.”

** Results will vary from student to student depending on the correct use of the system and the actual use of the system. Many never use the system. Some never consistently apply the system. Stock and option choices will vary in the results of their products. We cannot promise you any future success since we are dealing with price markets. Your best bet for success is to take a chance on a system that has performed well consistently over time in the hopes that there is a possibility and a probability that the system’s performance, in combination with your own, will do well in the present and into the future. We make no promises or guarantees of future performance whatsoever, however good our trading systems and strategies may be at the point in time of performance results. The posted customer feedback was done voluntarily by the customer, and we did not even ask. We appreciate all the feedback from our customers.

Note: typical results or average results will range from lost money for those who break rules and refuse to trade the system correctly to zero for people who don’t take any action, according to some of the customer examples you see above and to results customers have not told us about. Bottom line: this is trading; you can’t ‘expect guaranteed results’ because that is a losing mindset in trading, and it doesn’t make any sense to do good trading. You get a system to increase your chance, your probability, and your potential for success. The only way you could ‘guaranteed make money’ like past results is to have a crystal ball—the pursuit of which, searching for a crystal ball, is an ever-losing adventure. Trade right. Trade smart, and maybe you could have great success too!

Here are some more recent examples of Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0:

BA Boeing Performance Example 2 Month +4.24 Weekly Average Pay Check for Cave Man Simple Trading

BA:  +13.18 – 4.73 +.56 + 2.87 – 1.84 +10.3 + 10.07 + 15.81 -3.89 -4.12 =  + 38.21 + 4.24 per week average  for 9 weeks

  • That’s $4,240 a week average per 1000 shares of stock
  • That’s roughly $4,240 on 25 contracts of options further out in time to reduce premium decay, near ATM per week average. 
  • That could be roughly $7,429 a week

QQQ:  2 Month Comparative Performance Sample

2023 + 16.21 +2.87 + 8.54 + 7.83 – 1.9 – 2.94 – 2.64 – 3.76 + 5.37 + 11.17 -3.15 – 3.21 + 1.54 – 2.01 – 1.12 =  +32.8  / 9 weeks is +3.64 points  weekly average paycheck. Super simple. Low thinking involved. Do the simple system. 

  • QQQ can put in some good moves relative to its options prices.
  • QQQ has more flexile array of short term options as you can see by looking at a QQQ options chain

AMZN: 2 Month Performance Sample

November through December 2023: +8.08+2.4+2.62-2.89+.32+1.84+3.72-.74-.58+1.36+3.11 =+19.24 10 Weeks. AMZN moving a bit slower, 2 point grids. +1.92/week.

  • AMZN has good priced options.  
  • AMZN can mover faster or slower as you can see on the day bars charts. 

A Key Tip for Extra Success: Find Your Sweet Spot Stocks with Well-Priced, Cheaper Options that Give Nice Pay Days Relative to Even Moderate Moves on That Stock

We’ve listed some various stocks in their options above because they’re well known and people can relate to them. But there are a lot of stocks out there that have very good options prices, and their stocks can put in some good moves on a regular basis.

  • The key success in options trading when you’re trading momentum is that you need to have a stock that puts in swings back and forth on a regular basis;
  • You need to have a stock that has options that aren’t too puffed up with premium since some options market makers are a bit overly expensive, especially on popular stocks.
  • You need to find that sweet spot money machine stock that maybe you don’t hear about too much, if at all, that has options.
  • You may want to look at some of the more boring names of companies with stocks and check out their options. Compare their options with the number of moves they make on a regular basis on a price chart.
  • Another tip is that you may want to increase your education on how to read price charts and identify trigger points that tend to set off the bigger moves on the day bar charts.
  • When you have those potential powder keg explosive trading opportunities off of the day bar charts, you know, like certain chart patterns, support and resistance, etc., then you could strategically trade Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0: The cherry picks the best of the best moves.

So therefore, you can use the Options Weekly Paychecks System B V1.0 system to give you the entry and exit parameters in combination with this whole concept of the way this system works and combine that with strategic price chart optimization for the best-looking scenarios to potentially make a lot more money or even absolutely crush it weak after the week or whenever those low-hanging fruit opportunities present themselves. Now this is a fun idea! So, if you’re a strategic-minded person, this could be a great thing for you to do.



See Videos for More Explanation Below:

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