Options Weekly Paycheck Weekly Options System, STRIKER, Is a “M.O.D.” Type of System that Shows How to Pin Point a High Probability Trend Burst with a High Probability Accuracy Entry STRIKE Point

Translation: STRIKER like a “sniper style” but with frequent on going high probability trade setups with up to 88% winning as you see in SPY below – Gives You a Great Trading Set Up to Strike AGGRESSIVELY and Potentially Score Some Serious Cash Wins with High Delta Low Premium Weekly Options (or longer term options is you like).

This is an option trading design for the like the concept of been able to nearly make money at will.  For example, Let’s say you want a new car.  Line up a high probability STRIKER trade, or lineup STRIKER trades over several stocks strategically evaluating the best setups.

Update: Here are some recent incredible results: QQQ   November 2021 start  + 3.9 + 1.2 -1.7 + 14.21 + 2.8 + 10.6 + 2.75 + 4.6 + 2.8 + 9.2 -2.6 + 4.1 + 1.7 -1.8 + 21.9 + 9.7 + 7.8 + 1.6 -3.2 + 21.4 -3.8 + 22.3 -3.2 + 19.5  =+145.7  stop January 21st 2022 That’s just 2 months and 3 weeks!  
  • Micro swing trading
  • Gives you way more control and much less risk especially during volatile times 
  • But the volatile times also gives us tons of opportunity on the micro swing trading level which you can see 
  • So STRIKER is an ideal trading system for profiting profoundly during this market crash
  • And with micro swing trading you can take advantage of high velocity moves with shorter term options for bigger percent gains. 

Here is more info
We just re-produced the STRIKER System course to update it since it was a while since we first created STRIKER.
Man… this system is GOOD. It trades the 1 hour bars.  It has high precision.  You can trade it as a system or as a strategy with optimization factors. 
STRIKER goes “inside the swing” to for far more profit opportunities vs. regular swing trading.    We’ve extended this special offer for $497 on STRIKER.  Take advantage of this to gain an ability for perpetual cash flow generation and as a strategic method for crushing it in options. 

STRIKER! Is the Trading System Solution For NOW!
  1. Trades On micro swing level and even though day bar swings may be messy, there’s a whole new world of price action activity for profiting underneath.
  2. Trade high delta cheap options for high probability moves for generating cash flow and cash accumulation.
  3. As you generate cash flow you can take some out if you need to pay some bills.
  4. If you’re looking for a great plan then use STRIKER!
  5. You can also use STRIKER with NADEX knockouts which are easier to trade on the micro swing level and give double the profits vs. emini futures ES & RTY with no commissions.  Trading off the cash index is easier.    
  6. You can use to trade forex in an easier way. 
  7. Be able to generate your own trading signals for life!

 STRIKER Options Weekly Paychecks is a Powerful New Discovery for price Action Trading that You’ll Certainly want to Have in Your Arsenal – for Precision Strike Weekly Options Trading.

What does “precision strike” mean?  You don’t want to waste money trading.  You want to line up the most high probability opportunity for making money, so you can make cash quickly and win most of the time.  You need to make money and grow it. When we go inside price swings on the 60 minute bars and combine STRIKER with high delta lower premium weekly options we can make some nice scores and fast!


While available consider investing in the system. Why? Because it’s very powerful with the ability to take in large chunks of profit points with high accuracy.  From our system performance example below you’ll see accuracy 80% and above which is quite impressive especially for a micro swing opportunity.

This system is for those who:

  • Who are looking for a way to have a high probability trading set up to score with options matter what the market is doing by going inside the swing upon a micro swing
  • For those who are looking to generate fast cash with short-term options
  • For those you want highly accurate trading setups
  • For those you want to be able to manage risks tightly
  • For those who can look at their computer A few times a day in order to check the price chart
  • For those were looking to claim potentially get profit in just a couple, few days
  • For those looking to ramp up their trading accounts in an aggressive way
  • For those who like high-intensity trading


What is this Options System and How Do I Trade It?

  1. This system is a video based home study course. It is not software or other nonsense.  It’s a real trading system for real traders
  2. Once you learn to practice the system it’s yours to use more as a potential significant piece to your puzzle for your own masterpiece trading system
  3. You can use this STRIKER trading set up as a strategy or as a system. A system means that you take all of the strategy setups and execute without optimization.  Using STRIKER as a strategy means that you would pick and choose what you thought to be the best trading setups whereas you would look to identify the bigger trading opportunities with the highest probability of winning,  A system just smashes all the trays together looking to net out a profit result without much thinking at all, which can be nice.



  • Highly flexible strategy or system
  • High accuracy
  • Most moves usually popout a nice profit meaning that there is usually good momentum behind a STRIKER move.  But sometimes we get KILLER STRIKES that are able to take out large boobs. See the performance results below while keeping in mind that the slower moving stocks have cheaper options in the faster moving stocks have more expensive options thereby more closely equating the profit potential between each.
  • Potential for being able to go full time and trade for a living
  • One of the closest strategies to a “money on command” approach to the markets



  • Trades 60 minute bars
  • Very flexible in that you can use it as a system or strategy
  • You can apply across many stocks
  • You can you short-term options
  • The system will take you only an hour to learn mentally and then you need to practice some visually
  • Getting good at this options system has the potential to allow you an additional average weekly paycheck and even the potential to replace your current income while potentially developing network


STRIKER Performance!

STRIKER Options Weekly Paychecks Micro Swing Trading Master performance is below. The performance samples are based off of a five month in three months. These are micro swings which means that we are trading intraday bars such as the 60 minute bars. 

The table below represents the entries and exits as you would receive in the system. It is the most accurate representation of what you would be buying since every entry and exit is based off of the system rules.

Update: Here are some recent incredible results: QQQ   November 2021 start  + 3.9 + 1.2 -1.7 + 14.21 + 2.8 + 10.6 + 2.75 + 4.6 + 2.8 + 9.2 -2.6 + 4.1 + 1.7 -1.8 + 21.9 + 9.7 + 7.8 + 1.6 -3.2 + 21.4 -3.8 + 22.3 -3.2 + 19.5  =+145.7  stop January 21st 2022 

1-Jul 7 9/1/2014 0.76
22.14 1.62
2.23 0.56
38.21 0.98
6.89 4.08
-4.86 2.26
8.14 -0.68
6.34 4.19
-3.84 2.29
5.16 3.94
4.84 2.28
-1.4 1.3
8.59 -0.79
22.08 3.04
-2.88 1.39
6.03 1.67
7.21 2.87
26.32 Stop Dec 9 31.76 Total Stock Points
5.47 Total Approximate Options Points
5/12/2014 177.93 Total Stock Points
Total Approximate Options Points will vary meaning that if you buy short term in the money options your deltas will be higher and you make more options points.  If you buy further out in time, ATM or OTM (usually for the sake of mitigating premium decay), then your options deltas are lower and you make less options points.  So for example, if you used short term, moderately ITM options your deltas could be, say, .75 on average.  But if you use OTM options your deltas could be .4.

.75X177 stock profit points = +132.75 options points or $132,750 on 10 contracts.

.4×177 = +70.8 so your options profit then would be $70,.800

We use short term moderately ITM options for higher delta, relatively cheap options trading.

Time 5 Months & 1 Week 3 Months and 1 Week
Total Trades 20 16
Win 16 14
Loss 4 2
Winning% 80% 88%

Pricing: the systems price is that a very low price compared to his past performance.  If one treats the system seriously then the possibility of making your initial investment and assistance could be made within your first week potentially market depending. The price is $4997:


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