Buying Calls. Buying Puts

Buying Calls. Buying Puts. Best Ways to make Money with Weekly Options Calls and Puts

Best Ways to Make Money With Weekly Options When Buying Calls and Buying Puts  

Here are some effective strategies for making money buying weekly calls and puts:  

Buy Momentum: When a stock shows strong upward or downward price movement in the first few days, “buy the move” with calls or puts expiring that Friday. Take profit quickly before weekend risk.  

Scalp Breakouts: Watch for patterns like double/triple bottoms or tops and buy calls/puts anticipating a breakout. Tight trailing stops are critical due to the short window.  

Anticipate Catalysts: Look for stocks with upcoming earnings, FDA approvals etc. Buy calls before expected good news or puts before potential bad news. Sell before event for gamma reduction.  

Hedge Portfolios: Use weekly puts to protect against downside risk for holdings you want to continue to own long term. Roll forward before expiration.  

Day Trade Big Movers: Carefully day trade in and out of calls/puts on stocks with sudden intraday volatility. Take profits quickly as daily ranges compress.  

Averaging Down: If your directional bet is temporarily wrong, consider adding a smaller position to lower your cost basis. Exit entire position together for profit/loss.  

The key is being prepared to act fast with stop losses in a market that can turn quickly by week’s end. And never bet more than 2-3% of your account on any one trade when buying weeklies. Manage risks tightly!  




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