How to Win in Trading

How to Win in Trading

How to Win in Trading – It’s Easier than You Think and Harder Than You Think.  It’s So Easy that It’s Hard… (Didn’t Warren Buffet Say Something Like That?)

Winning in trading is easy. You just need to trade a good system over and over. But winning in trading is too easy for a lot of people. They get so distracted. They get too caught up in the emotional pursuit of trading and then they get off course.

Even Warren Buffett talked about how trading or investing is so simple that maybe it’s too simple for a lot of people. A lot of people are pulled into the marketplace because it seems exciting. It sounds like the thing to do. They want the excitement of it. They saw that someone made a lot of money really quickly and easily until they think I’ll haul this is my EZ Ride ticket.

Additionally: if you really want to win in trading you’re going to have to love trading.  Pursue finding a love of trading and you’ll very likely succeed over time.  The marketplace tends to award that state of being.  You’ll be more attracted to opportunities that align with loving trading.

But, on the other hand, if you hate trading and you trade because you need to “make money now”, then you’re probably going to find a way to lose.  Think about it it.  If you believe you hate trading, well that’s a belief that gets logged into the subconscious.  The subconscious tries to go about to automatically prove your beliefs.  So therefore you’ll likely be attracted to opportunities that will get you out of trading as fast as you can, which would be, losing your whole account. 

And you know what?  Sometimes people can make these easy low-hanging fruit scores in trading but that still takes discipline and diligence to study and hunt for these types of low-hanging fruit opportunities. It also takes patience and a lot of it to not dive into a mediocre opportunity and wait for the easy low-hanging fruit opportunities. That is certainly a very good way to trade if you can do it.

There may be over a thousand different ways to successfully trade. And you technically need is to employ one. And then from there you can employ more. Become good at 1 and get it rolling. Then become good at another and get that rolling. That’s how you progress.

But ultimately you’re going to have to do your diligence just like anything else. You’re going to have to become good at Trading just like you have to become good at something else.

And in order to accelerate the process  we’ve decided to launch these trading signals services. You can follow our trades in real time. It’s pretty much like rote trading.  After you copy our trades you’ll start to pick up on the ebb and flow of the process. You’ll get a feel of what it takes how to run a trading system.  And that’s very valuable. You’ll learn the pacing it takes to trade well over time. A lot of Traders get anxious they want money now now now and so the market place tricks them into various trades,  beats them up and mugs them of all their money.

Use our trading signals as your advantage. Consider the concept of developing multiple streams of cash flow. Why not use our signal services to help you develop multiple streams and cash flow? And then you can go work on developing other streams of cash flow of your own creation.

 I hope these tips helped get you one or multiple steps closer to knowing How to Win in Trading.


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