NEW OMNIPOPS Day Trading Signals Launched for SPY & QQQ

OMNIPOPS Options Signals- Arguably the Best Options Day Trading Method on the Planet

New signals services on QQQ and SPY launched.  OMNIPOPS is kicking tail all over the place.  It’s so easy and fun to trade.  Get in before the close then get out before the close the next day. We provide the options signal and direction. 

You can use stocks if you want too.  Potential to get doubles, triples and quadruples in one day.  We use cheap options with good deltas. 

  • We Use Short Term Moderately ITM Weekly Options for Best Returns, Premium Decay Offsetting, Higher Delta and Often Large Percent Returns, Even in One Day.
  • Potential to Make A LOT OF MONEY!
  • Trading Signals Sent Between 3:20 and 3:40 on average, sent to your email.
  • Day Trade Options. Day Trade Stocks  
  • OMNIPOPS is a 1 Day Trade Only.
  • It’s Day Trading in a Few Minutes a Night.
  • We Get in Before the Close then Get Out Before the Close the Next Day.
  • Very Easy & Fun to Trade.
  • We Give Your the Direction of Trade and Our Option Pick

Check Out Our New OMNIPOPS Page


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