Options Trading Strategy for Beginners

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Quick Options Profits with BOLT2 Options Strategy?

Yes it’s a trade and when are most trades are very quick because we trading micro swing trading strategy. But that’s not the same at the average gains are small!

You can see on the main page the track record results from Google. You see also since we trade on the micro swing level that we can also use short-term weekly options. This allows us to create leverage with lower-priced and higher Delta options.

Now of course when you’re trading options it’s always a battle of time versus movement in the price of the stock. This is why we developed and options trading strategy that is based off of certain momentum triggers that tend to compel the stock to move right away most of the time. So when we combine this intentional price momentum strategy with shorter-term options we can achieve a balance that can lead to Nice gains, often.

That said you want to do some study in your favorite stocks options chains. You need to see if the options tend to respond well to movement in the stock. Sometimes some stocks have bloated, premium healthy options that are not very productive for trading purposes.  So what you find your favorite stock in combination with good options that can give you a nice profit for your average stock micros swing  move then you have to match. Find out more on how you can obtain these types of opportunities with the BOLT2 options trading strategy.  Register below:


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