Options Trading Strategy for Beginners

What is BOLT2?

What is BOLT2?


It’s a Micro Swing Strategy where you can use the strategy to potentially pull cash from the options market at a high probability winning percent rate.

It trades 60 min bars on the micro level means that if trades are successful they can be complete in a couple of days.
ecover-BOLT2-optionsswingtradingstrategyHow can BOLT2 help you ? It’s another weapon to use to take advantage of this certain opportunity when it shows up.  You see, you can’t force the markets to do anything but if you know how to read a price chart you can receive cash out opportunities quite often.  And since BOLT2 trades on the micro level you can receive even more opportunities.
Also since BOLT2 does trade 60 min bars, the micro swing level, it gives you better opportunity to have smaller stop losses (via contingent order) while often allowing you to grab more points for profit.
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